D1 Weekend Wrap - Nevada

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

Nevada - 2-1 at New Mexico

ANY series win at New Mexico is a good series win, no matter what the scores are.  Nevada won 5-3, lost 3-2 and won 9-8 and are off to a nice 2-1 start.  Let's see what the stats show us.

I know VERY little about this club, that much is clear, as I look at their roster.  Five of their regular position players were good this weekend and four were pretty bad.  Senior INF Joe Kohan hit .500, slugged .700, scored five runs and had a .500 OBP.  He also was flawless in the field.  Junior 1B Brett Jones was strong and he can provide some LH power for the Wolfpack this year.  Nine Nevada players drove in a run and five had at least two RBI.  That is pretty good production up and down the line-up.  As a team they hit .298.

The staff had a very respectable weekend, with a 3.81 team ERA.  However, they clearly have some work to do, if 17 walks against only 14 strikeouts, in 26 innings is any indication (and it is).  The also gave up 25 hits so either New Mexico hit in a bunch of bad luck or they just didn't get the big hit with men on base... which these numbers clearly indicate.  That is 42 runners via a hit or walk in 26 innings and that is WAY TOO HIGH.  The staff also gave up six doubles and two triples.  Again, pitching at New Mexico is NOT easy, so some of the numbers are negatively inflated against this staff.  However, they play their own games at altitude so it isn't any easier for them at their own ballpark.

The three Wolfpack starters walke 10 batters in 13.1 innings and if they are going to leave games that early, it is giong to be a LONG year for Nevada.  Good opening series because they went on the road and got two Ws, but they are going to have to pitch much better as the year goes along.  Only soph RHP Braden Shipley seems to have swing and miss stuff (7 K, 5 BB, 5 IP).  Take his stats out and the staff only struck out seven in 21 innings.