D1 Weekend Wrap - Pacific

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

Pacific - 0-3 vs Cal

Two of the games were in Berkeley and one was in Stockton but the results were basically the same.  As a team the Tigers hit .211, they struck out 19 times and only walked twice (by the same player, Allen Riley).  That is not going to get it done and though I think the Cal pitching staff is solid, I don't think they are THAT dominant.  Justin Jones, ok, the others, not quite as much.

What Pacific has been good with in the last couple of years is offense and have had some talented players who are now playing pro ball.  The last couple of years they just have not pitched well enough to suport their offense and after giving up 33 hits and 13 walks (only 11 strikeouts) in 25 innings, well, they look to be in trouble again.  I like the Cal offense and they are going to beat up even some good pitching staffs, but those numbers are not competitive against a quality team like Cal.  Not even close.

I am just not very familiar with the names on the Pacific pitching staff and for those I do know, I either haven't seen them in a year or so (Michael Hager) or was not very impressed when I did see them.  Hey, it is only three games but this type of start forcasts a LONG year for the Tigers.  Why?  Well, their hitters were dominated at the plate and their pitchers were ALSO dominated at the plate.

It isn't going to get much easier for Pacific, as they play Stanford on Tuesday, then a tournament where they will face Oregon State, San Diego twice, and San Diego State.  Yikes, that could be rough.