Former BAWS standouts will lead Stanford this year

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

When I started Bay Area World Series in 2004 (well, the idea was created in 2003 but the first one took place in 2004) I had no idea how many great young players would come through the event over the years.  Now, seven years later, it is pretty clear that BAWS has been a great place for college coaches to see some of the top young players in Northern California.  For instance... Stanford is highly ranked in the pre-season polls (#10) and they will be led by four former BAWS participants... two of which I KNOW were relatively unknown by the major colleges until they stood out at BAWS.

SS Kenny Diekroeger (BAWS '07) is a 2nd team pre-season All-American and last year led Stanford in batting average and RBI.  LHP Brett Mooneyham (BAWS '07) and RHP Jordan Pries (BAWS '06 & '07) are returning members of the starting rotation and both are draft prospects this year as well.  INF/OF Stephen Piscotty (BAWS '07) is another returning starter expected to have a big year. 

At the Stanford baseball website, the two players pictured in the header are Mooneyham and Diekroeger.  I remember when I was with the Braves how highly I had those two players ranked in my draft preference list.  I turned Diekroeger in as a 1st rounder and Mooneyham very well could have been selected by us at #40 overall (our 1st pick that year) had he not taken the Scott Boras group as representation... our scouting director at the time (Roy Clark) LOVED Mooneyham when he came to Florida and pitched for our Braves Scout Team in the WWBA Jupiter tournament and also at our Braves preseason high school workout in SoCal... but Clark had a policy of not even considering a player advised by the Boras group... so  we selected another high school lefty, Brett DeVall, who is a talented kid in his own right.

In any case, Stanford is poised for a BIG year (my expectations are of a CWS appearance) and I am very proud of the fact that more than a handful of their top players participated in my event.