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Feed http://www.9county9.com/ Wed, 23 Aug 2017 17:24:02 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.1 (obRSS 1.8.11) http://www.9county9.com/images/ Feed http://www.9county9.com/ UCLA - Champs despite losing tons of talent http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/ucla-champs-despite-losing-tons-of-talent.html Congrats to the UCLA Bruins, for winning the school's first NCAA championship.  What is amazing to me is how many outstanding high school players the Bruins have lost to the MLB draft, kids who never stepped foot on campus.  This year they lost more incoming players to the draft, including Tracy HS lefthander Jonah Wesley but the Bruins will keep on going. 

Last year they lost incoming righthander Joe Ross and 3rd baseman Tyler Goeddel.  A few years back they lost catcher Max Stassi to the draft.  Those are just some of the Northern California players who never got to school... the number of outstanding Southern California high school players who never made it to Westwood, well, it's a lot more and players like catcher Austin Hedges certainly would have been missed by most programs.  The same year they lost Stassi they also lost INF David Nick.   There are MANY more but those are just some kids I remember.

On the current roster are three former BAWS/NWS players, OF Christoph Bono from Palo Alto HS, RHP Nick Vander Tuig from Oakdale HS, and INF Chris Keck from Amador Valley HS.  Bono as you might surmise, is the son of former NFL quarterback Steve Bono.  Vander Tuig was drafted in the 6th round by the Giants and was the winning pitcher in the championship game.


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Northern Calif. Players in 2013 MLB draft http://www.9county9.com/player-reports/professional/northern-calif-players-in-early-draft-rounds.html

Not all of these players listed are originally from the Northern California scouting region (such as Braden Shipley) and some were drafted out of colleges outside of the region.  Many of our high school players leave the region to attend college somewhere else while other players come from high schools out of the region to attend the outstanding college programs in Northern California. If a player is from the region his high school will be listed.  I've also listed the college commitments for the drafted high school players.

Round (overall), Team, Position/Player, School(s), College Commitment

(Bold = BAWS/RNWS participant during my time with each event)

1 (1) - Astros - RHP Mark Appel, Stanford (Monte Vista HS) - signed

1 (15) - Diamondbacks - RHP Braden Shipley, Nevada - signed

1 (32) - Yankees - OF Aaron Judge, Fresno State (Linden HS) - signed

1s (35) - Marlins - LHP Matt Krook, St. Ignatius Prep (Oregon) - DID NOT SIGN

2 (49) - Mariners - OF Austin Wilson, Stanford - signed

2 (53) - Phillies - C Andrew Knapp, Cal (Granite Bay HS) - signed

2s (69) - Padres - OF Jordan Paroubeck, Serra HS (Fresno State) - signed

2s (70) - Rockies - RHP Alex Balog, USF (Archbishop Mitty HS) - signed

3 (102) - Braves - RHP Carlos Salazar, Kerman HS (Fresno State) - signed

4 (121) - Phillies - C Jake Sweaney, Garces Memorial HS (Oregon) - signed

4 (132) - Giants - 1B Brian Ragira, Stanford - signed

5 (144) - Royals - OF Amalani Fukofuka, James Logan HS - signed

6 (169) - Rockies - 3B Dom Nunez, Elk Grove HS (UCLA) - signed

6 (192) - Giants - RHP Nick Vander Tuig, UCLA (Oakdale HS) - signed

9 (268) - Padres - RHP Adam Cimber, USF - signed

9 (270) - Diamondbacks - C Grant Nelson, Saint Louis (Serra HS) - signed

9 (272) - Brewers - LHP Tyler Linehan, Fresno State (Sheldon HS) - signed

9 (276) - Tigers - RHP Will LaMarche, LSU (Amador Valley HS) - signed

10 (299) - Pirates - RHP Shane Carle, Long Beach State (Scotts Valley HS) - signed

11 (317) - Astros - RHP Devonte German, Bisohp Manogue HS (Nevada) - signed

11 (335) - Cardinals - RHP Steven Farinaro, Head Royce School (UCLA) - signed

11 (337) - Angels - LHP Jonah Wesley, Tracy HS (UCLA) - signed

12 (369) - Orioles - RHP Jacob Bray, Feather River College - signed

12 (376) - Nationals - RHP Andrew Cooper, Sierra College - signed

13 (393) - White Sox - 1B Daniel Hayes, Oregon State (Jesuit HS) - signed

13 (395) - Cardinals - OF Jimmy Bosco, Menlo College (Jesuit HS) - signed

13 (398) - Rays - LHP Ben Griset, St. Mary's College (Gustine HS) - signed

13 (401) - Athletics - OF Justin Higley, Sacramento State (Jesuit HS) - signed

14 (433) - Braves - 1B Tyler Kuresa, UC Santa Barbara (Oakmont HS) - DID NOT SIGN

15 (441) - Indians - SS James Roberts, USC (Archbishop Mitty HS) - signed

15 (442) - Marlins - OF Miles Williams, Cal State Northridge (Windsor HS) - signed

15 (454) - Dodgers - LHP Billy Flamion, Grossmont College (Central Catholic HS) - signed

15 (462) - Giants - C Geno Escalante, Mount Olive College (Rodriguez HS) - signed

16 (477) - Mariners - SS Lonnie Kauppila, Stanford - signed

17 (500) - Twins - RHP Tanner Mendonca, Sacramento State (Mt. Whitney HS) - signed

17 (513) - White Sox - RHP Joey Wagman, Cal Poly (Monte Vista HS) - signed

17 (518) - Rays - 2B Willie Calhoun, Benicia HS (Arizona) - DID NOT SIGN

18 (541) - Phillies - RHP Daniel Child, Oregon State (Jesuit HS) - signed

18 (552) - Giants - LHP Christian Jones, Oregon (Monte Vista HS) - signed

19 (557) - Astros - C Jake Rodriguez, Oregon State (Elk Grove HS) - signed

19 (562) - Marlins - LHP Will White, College of Marin (San Rafael HS) - signed

19 (581) - Athletics - RHP A.J. Vanegas, Stanford (Redwood Christian HS) - DID NOT SIGN

19 (582) - Giants - LHP Garrett Hughes, Stanford - DID NOT SIGN

20 (608) - Rays - RHP Harmen Sidhu, Sonoma State (College Park HS) - signed

21 (620) - Twins - RHP Tyler Stirewalt, Fresno State - signed

23 (678) - Cubs - LHP Tyler Ihrig, College of Marin - signed

23 (685) - Blue Jays - OF Brendan Kalfus, St. Mary's College - signed

25 (749) - Pirates - OF Justin Maffei, USF (Serra HS) - signed

25 (755) - Cardinals - RHP Michael Holback, Cal Poly (Willow Glen HS) - signed

26 (783) - White Sox - RHP Charles Sharrer, Cal State East Bay - signed

26 (785) - Cardinals - RHP Will Anderson, Cal State Monterey Bay (Foothill HS) - signed

26 (796) - Nationals - SS Garrett Hampson, Reno HS (Long Beach State)  - DID NOT SIGN

28 (827) - Astros - LHP Jordan Mills, St. Mary's College (Oak Ridge HS) - signed

28 (845) - Cardinals - 1B Justin Ringo, Stanford - signed

28 (854) - Yankees - C Trent Garrison, Fresno State - signed

28 (856) - Nationals - LHP Joey Webb, Menlo College (Damonte Ranch HS) - signed

30 (894) - Royals - 2B Andrew Ayers, Sacramento State (St. Bernard's HS) - signed

30 (895) - Blue Jays - 1B Rowdy Tellez, Elk Grove HS (USC) - signed

31 (930) - D'backs - C Joel Thys, Arizona Christian (Placer HS) - signed

31 (940) - Rangers - RHP Michael Peterson, West Valley College (St. Francis HS)

31 (942) - Giants - C John Riley, Willow Glen HS (Cal) - signed

32 (973) - Braves - CF Jack Klein, St. Ignatius Prep (Stanford) - DID NOT SIGN

33 (994) - Dodgers - 2B Tyger Pederson, Pacific (Palo Alto HS)

35 (1061) - Atletics - RHP A.J. Puckett, De La Salle HS (Pepperdine)

36 (1068) - Cubs - SS Derek Campbell, Cal

36 (1083) - White Sox - 1B Nick Parent, Cal State Monterey Bay (Foothill HS-Redding) - signed

36 (1091) - Athletics - C Cooper Goldby, Yuba City HS

36 (1092) - Giants - RHP Grant Goodman, Burlingame HS (USF)

37 (1118) - Rays - RHP D.J. Slaton, San Jose State (Palma HS) - signed

37 (1119) - Orioles - SS Justin Viele, Santa Clara University - signed

37 (1121) - Athletics - C Francis Christy, Casa Grande HS (Oregon)

38 (1151) - Athletics - OF Hunter Mercado-Hood, De La Salle HS (U of San Diego)

39 (1159) - Rockies - OF Cole Norton, St. Mary's College - signed

39 (1162) - Marlins - RHP Daulton Jefferies, Buhach Colony HS (Cal)

39 (1182) - Giants - RHP Chris Viall, Soquel HS (Stanford)

39 (1186) - Nationals - 2B Robbie Tenerowicz, Campolindo HS (Cal) - DID NOT SIGN

40 (1189) - Rockies - 1B Tyler Stover, Vacaville HS

40 (1190) - Twins - CF Kelly Starnes, Los Medanos College (Concord HS)

40 (1211) - Athletics - C Dom Miroglio, Bishop O'Dowd HS (UCLA) - DID NOT SIGN

40 (1212) - Giants - OF Ryan Kirby, Granda HS (U of San Diego) - DID NOT SIGN

40 (1213) - Braves - RHP Connor Brogdon, Liberty HS-Madera (Fresno State) - DID NOT SIGN

* I will have to double check all the draft rounds and make sure I didn't miss anyone.  Some of the players are not listed as signed at the Baseball America draft database, but that doesn't mean they didn't sign.  BA gets most information and updates it quickly, but they don't have it all.  For instance, we knew locally that John Riley signed and it was on Twitter from NorCal Preps.

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MLB Top 100 draft prospects http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/mlb-top-100-draft-prospects.html The draft is drawing ever closer and MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo published his updated Top 100 prospects list for the 2013 MLB draft.  There are lots of lists, lots of draft experts, lots of blah blah blah and to call anyone an expert regarding how the draft will go is silly.  Mayo is an office, he has a phone, he calls GMs, crosscheckers, scouts, agents, etc.  He is contacted by agents who want to push up their own clients, etc.  He has video he can watch and the more anyone watches something, the better they can be at analyzing it. 

I say all of that because as a former scout, I always giggle when I watch TV and see guys from Baseball America and MLB.com and wherever else, presented as experts, as though they were the ones out there driving around, finding and evaluating the players, breaking down the tools, getting the signability, getting to know the make-up of the players, etc.  They get the results of all the work scouts do and by the time they are on TV talking about it or on the web writing, the thousands upon thousands of players scouts sift through are funnelled to a couple hundred the draft talking heads write and talk about.  It's pretty easy by that point.

Anyway, because I don't have my own prospect list (unless you are interested in Petaluma American Little League's AA division of 7-9 year olds), I too read what guys like Mayo write.  I used to write and do my own rankings with Team One and Perfect Game USA, so I do enjoy seeing lists because they are at the very least, interesting.  Especially so for those of us who live in fertile prospect areas like Northern California.

On Mayo's Top 100 list are 13 players who are within the typical territory for a scout who covers Northern California.  That territory generally goes north to the Oregon border, south down to Monterey, over toward Coalinga and Fresno, some go as far south as Visalia, then north and east to cover Northern Nevada.  A few might still cover Bakersfield as well and some might sneak down into San Luis Obispo. 

So, who are those players in this area?  Here you go..

#1 Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford - Appel is a former participant in my event and I also had the pleasure of having him on one of my Braves scout teams.  Great kid, great talent, hope he goes #1 overall.

#13 Braden Shipley, RHP, Nevada - Shipley had a great sophomore year for a Nevada team that really overachieved, well, that's what I thought.  Then I realized that Shipley was not only a good college pitcher, but also a high end prospect with a good fastball (reported to be up to 98 mph).

#24 Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State - I liked Judge when I was still scouting, but at that time I hadn't seen much of him as a position player, but rather as a pitcher.  Well, he's put the pitching aside and is a highly regarded prospect due to his tools, size, speed, power, etc.  Tall hitters are tricky though, there are lots of moving parts and generally I'd call tall and toolsy hitters a boom or bust type of prospect.  Think Michael Taylor and John Mayberry... rather than Dave Winfield.  Mayberry is a solid MLB contributor, Taylor seems to be a AAA player and of course, Winfield is an all-time great.

#27 Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford - A very similar profile to Judge, though his tools are not as big as Judge.  Wilson has big power, though we likely haven't seen the best of it because he has to fit into the "Stanford" style of hitting.  Wilson has a nice college career and if he has a pro career like Taylor or Mayberry, two players who went to Stanford, then I'd say he was quite successful.   I was never a big fan of Wilson's hand speed or swing trigger as a hitter and I question his ability to hit the fastball at the pro level.  If he can learn to cheat to the fastball, he could survive... until about AA when the offspeed stuff improves and exposes guys who cheat to the fastball.

#45 Alex Balog, RHP, San Francisco - Yet another USF product who kind of burst on the scene, though Balog was well regarded out of high school.  Balog also played on a scout team of mine and is a good kid, a kid I root for.  He has a fastball that is in the low-mid 90s and the potential for a wipeout slider.  He uses a cutter now but I can see that cutter becoming a slider in pro ball.  He's big and strong and as a former water polo player he likely has a very strong shoulder capsule. 

#54 Matt Krook, LHP, St. Ignatius Prep (SF) - Krook looks the part and has the stuff to back it up.  However, look deeper into Krook and you learn some things that make drafting him as a pitcher and as highly as his talent suggests he could go, a very iffy proposition.  First of all, he signed with Oregon because he was told he will be given the opportunity to hit and pitch... hitting is important to him.  High school kids with the ability to hit don't like to give that up, nor should they.  He has good raw power, he can hit and frankly I question if he really likes pitching.  From what I've observed of him and also have been told by a few coaches who have been around him a lot, I have reason to question that.  He also melted down late in the draft season in front of big collections of draft decision makers.  That happens, to be sure, and a bad outing shouldn't crush a kid.  He's very very talented... VERY!  But if I was still scouting, in my notes I would be very clear to my boss that if you want to take him based on talent, go ahead, but make sure you understand the full picture.  I'd advise my boss to let him go to college or let another team draft him out of high school as a pitcher.  These are MY opinions, offered by me only. 

#68 Andrew Knapp, C, Cal - A switch hitting catcher with an above average arm, good athleticism, good baseball genes and a track record of performing in the Pac-12?  Yep, sign me up, I like Knapp and I think he will thrive in the pro game. 

#73 Carlos Salazar, RHP, Kerman HS - Salazar is a thick, strong, power right-hander with a chance to really develop the fastball and a plus curveball at the pro level.  He is a tenacious competitor too, evidenced last year at Bay Area World Series when he insisted on pitching even though he was battling a leg issue during the summer.  His stuff was good but his command was off that day, but I could see that he had the goods to be a very good pro prospect.  He signed with Fresno State but that likely won't affect his signability much.  He was up to 93 at BAWS but reportedly has touched 97 this spring.

#82 Brian Ragira, 1B, Stanford - Ragira came to Stanford after standing out at the Area Code Games and as a talented Texas high school player.  I for one thought he'd end up as an outfielder in college and never doubted his ability to hit, not with his great bat speed and really loose, lively hands.  He got an opportunity at 1st base early in his Stanford career and has stayed there since.  His body, once very lean and loose and athletic, has thickened up as he's matured, making him look more like a 1st baseman than the centerfielder I thought he'd be.  I'd definitely agree with anyone who thinks he is the better hitter and prospect than his teammate Austin Wilson.  His hands are better and he's a much more natural hitter.

#83 Jordan Paroubeck, CF, Serra HS - Paroubeck is a switch hitting centerfield who not only LOOKS the part, but he has TOOLS.  On top of his physical presence, his tools and his skill, Paroubeck also scores highly on the make-up part of the equation.  He reminds me of a Will Venable type of player, with power and speed and the chance to be an above average outfielder.  Like Salazar, he signed with Fresno State.  I had a chance to coach a team with Paroubeck, at the NTIS tourney in Cary (NC) a couple of falls ago.  Great kid, really enjoyed being around him, very humble, hard working, respectful, hard nosed and gracious.  EASY kid to root for.

#92 Dom Nunez, C, Elk Grove HS - Nunez was a highly recruited middle infielder when he verballed and evenually signed with UCLA.  However, he has moved to catcher where his bat stands out that much more and his overall baseball skill and IQ really serve him well.  He was a pretty sure bet to get to UCLA as an infielder because his tools aren't outstanding, rather, he was seen as a good player, one who would play in college and then be drafted.  However, as a catcher, his profile changes.

#97 A.J. Vanegas, RHP, Stanford - Another Stanford player (why are they not very good this season?), Vanegas has been on the radar of scouts since high school.  He has always had a good fastball and that is still the case.  Command was a big question out of high school and it is still a question, which pushes Vanegas into the category of reliever, rather than starter.  His stuff rates with almost any pitcher in the country so a team that really likes his stuff and thinks they can refine his mechanics to get more command out of him could take him earlier and see if he can develop as a starter.  Astros RHP Bud Norris was another high school and college "thrower" with good stuff who made a nice transition to starter in pro ball and Vanegas could do the same thing. 

#99 Ryan Tellez, 1B, Elk Grove HS - The scouts have been spending a lot of time at Elk Grove games, and they initially were led there by Tellez, a powerful left-handed hitter.  Tellez isn't pretty to look at, he doesn't have the physique that excites scouts, but he can hit and as long as he hits, with left-handed power, THAT is what matters.  I've seen his name written as Rowdy Tellez but I just can't bring myself to call a high school kid Rowdy.  Sorry, just can't do it.  He signed with USC, which can be a pricey school for MLB teams to buy kids out of.  Then again, USC isn't exactly the Mark McGwire or Randy Johnson USC anymore so perhaps it won't be as difficult as it used to be. 

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Top 5 Regional High School Draft Prospects http://www.9county9.com/high-school/top-5-regional-high-school-draft-prospects.html The 2013 Major League Baseball amateur draft is right around the corner so it’s time to take a look at who are the top high school prospects in Northern California.  Now, you might be saying, “the draft is in June, that isn’t right around the corner.”  You would be correct if only considering the calendar and how many days until the draft.  However, a scout’s “pref list” is turned in by May 1st and from here on out it is all about making sure all the paperwork is in, getting last looks at the top guys, and more than anything, getting each player’s signability. 

 You might need some help deciphering some of that language in the previous paragraph.  A “pref list” is an area scout’s preferred order of the prospects in his territory.  Some scouts have DEEP lists (say up to 75 players) and some have very shallow lists (maybe as few as 40 players).  The top ten players won’t be exactly the same for every scout but in each scout’s top ten there are likely to be at least five common names.  The term “signability” refers to what it will take to sign the player to a pro contract.  A high school senior with a scholarship to a major college program will tell clubs how much it will take for him to forgo going to college.  Signability isn’t really supposed to affect how high a player gets drafted or IF he gets drafted, but the reality is that signability has trumped talent in some ways.

I was out at the Casa Grande/Cardinal Newman game on Wednesday (May 8) and there was a small collection of scouts, including a west coast crosschecker, to see Casa Grande's catcher, Francis Christy.  Christy signed with Oregon and as a left-handed hitter with power and a strong arm, he is obviously on the radar to be drafted.  How high?  I could see the 4th or 5th round as a possibility, based on talent and his profile.  Is he signable in those rounds?  I have no idea.  I do know that he didn't have his best day on Wednesday, showing poor blocking skills, including a lazy effort with a runner on third base that allowed that runner to score, and poor baserunning instincts and effort. 

I took my little league team out to the game to see the top ranked Gauchos because most of the kids I coach will attend Casa Grande someday.  I didn't go out to see Christy but seeing some of my old scouting colleagues got me thinking about the rest of the area, which is generally regarded as VERY strong and top heavy this season.

Here are the top five high school prospects in Northern California, generally speaking: LHP/1B Matt Krook of St. Ignatius Prep, OF Jordan Paroubeck of Serra HS, RHP Chris Viall of Soquel HS, RHP Carlos Salazar of Kerman HS, and LHP Jonah Wesley of Tracy HS.  Now, those players aren't ranked in order, but those five players are likely to be the most commonly listed near the top of the pref lists.  That doesn’t mean they are the top five of ALL prospects in Northern California because a full list takes four-year and junior college players into account. 

Krook signed with Oregon, Paroubeck signed with Fresno State, Viall signed with Stanford, Salazar signed with Fresno State, and Wesley signed with UCLA.  All of those can be considered major college programs, obviously.  It is basically a foregone conclusion that kids committed to Stanford will go to school so Viall likely won’t get serious attention, despite his exceptional talent.  Krook recently had a VERY poor outing in front of a very large gathering of draft decision makers and that will affect his draft slot.  UCLA isn’t quite as good as Stanford in getting their players to come to school, but they do get their fair share so Wesley’s signability is likely in question, as will be Krook’s. 

Of those players, Paroubeck and Salazar are likely the most signable, simply because a degree from Fresno State and playing baseball in the Mountain West Conference doesn’t quite measure up with a degree form Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon, while playing Pac-12 baseball.  That statement isn’t intended to disrespect a great Fresno State baseball program and a fine university, rather, it just reflects part of what is considered in the draft process.

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Las Vegas College Prospects - Top 10 http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/las-vegas-college-prospects-top-10.html Top 10 College Prospects from AA Games West

- Written by Matt Bomeisel, President/Founder of Prospect Wire

- Notes, evaluations, ratings, reports compiled by PW staff, which I was part of for the weekend

LAS VEGAS - The 1st Annual Underclass All-American Games West concluded on Sunday at UNLV Baseball Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.  Prospect Wire scouts and staff have been hard at work debating and agreeing over the top 10 college baseball prospects from the event.

NOTE: 3 rating = Major D1 caliber recruit / 2 rating = Mid-major (at least) D1 caliber recruit.  Defining a major and a mid-major gets tricky and it is not meant to slight any programs, so to keep it basic, consider Pac-12/SEC programs as MAJOR (obviously Fullerton, Long Beach St., USD, Fresno State, etc, should be considered MAJOR baseball programs as well) and consider most WCC/Big West programs as Mid-MAJOR (USF, UC Santa Barbara, Nevada, etc).  Obviously there are schools in the non-BCS type conferences that ARE MAJOR programs in the sport of baseball.  I tend to think of a MAJOR program as school in a BCS conference and/or a program that is consistently in the playoffs or in the Top 40 of the country year in and year out. 


1. Ryan Day, MIF, 2014 - Day was the most talented player at the event right now, with multiple tools that will excel at the college level.  His batspeed is good, he squares up a lot of balls, he has a high baseball IQ, and a very advanced approach offensively.  He also pitched a little bit (up to 87mph).  Although he doesn't have a lot of power potential on offense, he is a top of the order bat with consistent line drive/gap to gap pop.  He also showed very well against breaking balls.  He was the most well-rounded player at the event that can do a little bit of everything.  He plays hard, the game comes easy to him and he's a gamer.  Major division 1 colleges in California should all have Ryan Day high on their radar.  PW Rating - 3*

2. Greg Minier, LHP/1B, 2013 - Minier had the best pro body at the event.  He passes the eye test with ease, with a very well put together frame.  Up to 87mph on the mound, there is more in there to come, and he creates an outstanding downhill angle that makes it very tough for hitters to square up.  Again, another kid that should generate heavy D1 interest, and wouldn't be surprised if he drew some draft interest if his velocity comes before he graduates high school.  PW Rating - 3*

3.  Tristan Hildebrandt, SS, 2014 - Hildebrandt won't impress you with a physical frame.  The shortstop can pick it at shortstop with anyone.  Hildebrandt has a chance to stay at shortstop for a long time.  The game comes fairly easy to him, he showed a 45/50 arm on the MLB scale, and outstanding hands and feet at short. Offensively, his bat lacks serious juice, but he's easily a 2-hole hitter/action guy.  He gets good extension, has a smooth, fluid swing, and generates easy line drives and occassional gap power.  Hildebrandt will generate a lot of interest from major D1s in So Cal, and they will pull the trigger when he gets a little stronger.  With a college weightlifting program and reps, Hildebrandt may generate some late college draft interest after school. PW Rating - 3*

4.  Kobie Foppe, 2B/SS, 2014 - A staff favorite, he was easily the most mentioned name at the event.  It seemed anytime a positive play happened on offense or defense, Foppe was right in the middle of it.  This is the type of player that is going to be a favorite of a major D1 college coach.  Hailing from Arizona, we fully expect ASU or UA to step in and pick him up.  He is a grinder, a kid who will play his butt-off, and do the little things right.  Switch hitting middle infielders are always in demand, but Foppe can really swing the bat and make hard and consistent contact from both sides.  Good baseball IQ, intangibles for days, everything needed to be successful.  He showed a 40/45 arm, and rock solid defensive ability.  Our staff argued over Foppe and Hildebrandt, and it was basically a coin flip with Hildebrandt getting the nod due to easier actions and the ability to stay at SS, while Foppe will be a rock solid 2B.  Foppe is the type of player that you can recommend to any school in the country and even if they don't like him, or he didn't show well that particular day, that college coach will not leave the baseball field upset that he went to see Foppe perform.  PW Rating - 3*

5. Lucas Halstead, C (Monte Vista HS), 2014 - If this was a pro prospect list, Halstead would be #1.  MLB draft rooms are centered around catchers who have power arms and power bats.  Halstead has both.  He's got a plus arm, with a chance for plus power.  He just started catching so he needs work on receiving and blocking, but he has an absolute hose and generates serious juice with the bat.  Throw in a durable frame, and Halstead will be one of the more draftable players at the event. Because he just started catching, he still has some ways to go on defense, making him the #5 college prospect on our list because he may not be able to contribute behind the plate until a year or two in a major college program.  PW Rating - 3*

6. Shane Carrier, OF, 2014 -  Carrier continued to produce and show well each day.  Carrier has an ggressive approach offensively, and is a good middle of the order bat.  He's got occasional loft, pullside juice, above average batspeed and good pitch recognition.  In the OF, he is very consistent, with a quick transfer, good range, and soft hands.  His arm showed as a 40 on the MLB scale.  Overall, Carrier is just a good baseball player, with avg college tools, but he plays better than those raw tools show.  He should play division 1 baseball at a mid level D1.  PW Rating - 2*

7. Joey Wise, LHP, 2013 - Wise came in to throw on Sunday and the lefty did not disappoint.  Though his velocity was down due to the end of the summer (up to 84mph), Wise is better on the gun then he showed.  We project him to be a frontline starter at the mid division 1 level, and easily is an AZ JuCo guy.  He showed craftiness, with command of 2 pitches.  He had an oustanding overall delivery that will allow him to repeat his delivery, stay consistent on the mound and continue to excel.  He also showed a 71mph slider.  PW Rating - 2*

8. Hunter Stephens, OF/LHP, 2013 - Stephens was an interesting player at the event.  The game came very easy to him.  He's a glider, smooth, smart player - who plays hard.  He is advanced and patient offensively with top of the order potential at the mid D1 level.  He's not a big power guy, shoots a lot of line drives, with above average batspeed and good pitch recognition.  He's a consistent, solid defender that showed a 40 arm.  PW Rating - 2*

9.  Marcus Wise, CF (Deer Valley HS), 2013 - Wise is very well put together, with an athletic/muscular build.  He's a fast twitch athlete with a short, quick stroke on offense, yet still learning how to hit.  The game does come easy to him in most facets, and he plays hard.  He is a leadoff type hitter at the next level.  He was a bit pull-happy during the games, and began going middle of the field and oppo towards the end.  He is a plus defender in CF, covering tons of ground.  A (+) runner, Wise is an interesting player who has some draft ability down the road with improvement.  In the more immediate future, he will be a mid level D1 prospect. PW Rating - 2*

10.  Kaelan Crisosto, 3B/SS (Enterprise HS), 2014 - Crisosto is a guy that can really become a good player in the future.  He has a projectable frame, lean with room to fill.  He has a high waisted, tapered look that scouts look for.  The game comes easy to him, he's a smooth ballplayer, with instincts.  On offense, he should be a middle of the order bat at the mid D1 level.  He is aggressive yet advanced.  He has line drive, straightaway juice, and swung and missed at times during the games.  At SS, he has a quick release, a 40 arm on the MLB scale, with soft hands and he can make the tough plays.  Overall, he probabl won't have the footspeed to stay at SS, and a move to 3B is probable.  PW Rating - 2*

Honorable Mentions:

Tyler Vistalli, RHP, (Deer Valley HS), 2013 - + mound presence, + changeup, 84-85mph now.  Bulldog mentality.  Short relief at the next level easily.  Ignore the radar gun, and watch him PITCH - he will wow you. Good, sharp run on the fastball.  Needs a little work on the breaking ball as it has inconsistent break right now.  If he sees a velocity jump over the next few years, he's got a lot of intangibles and secondary stuff in place to be very good.  PW Rating - 2*

Jaret Vermillion, 2013, RHP/1B  - Another really interesting player that can really hit.  He's a bigger framed, Prince Fielder-like body, but that's not why he can hit.  He knows what he's doing, has a good bat path and obviously has power.  Was also up to 87mph off the mound. PW Rating - 2*

Gio Lopez, 2015, SS/RHP - Although listed a SS/RHP, his future may be on the mound.  Any time your best tool is your arm, (and it is up to 85mph off the mound as a 2015 grad) it's time to take a look.  Lopez has no pitchability right now, and hasn't thrown bullpens at his high school yet.  But it wouldn't be out of the question for him to be 90mph+ by his senior year and generating some possible draft interest based on tools.  Lopez can run a little bit, but had shin splints and toughed it out all weekend.  His bat is a little light right now, and is solid defensively.  PW Rating 2*++

Ian Evans, 2014, 2B - Evans is a classic baseball player that lacks eye-popping tools but does everything that you want and can really play the game at a high level.  He's another kid that you have to watch a few times to have a true appreciation for what he does on the baseball field.  He's got intangibles, an advanced approach on offense, and a top of the order bat at the next level.  Also a solid defender that is an easy 2B when he graduates.  PW Rating - 2*

Justin LaForce - 2014, 3B/OF - Though listed as a shortstop, he is a lock for 3B/corner, at the next level.  LaForce is a quality left handed bat with some power potential and a physical build.  High waisted with square shoulders, La Force projects as a mid level D1 player now, but could be better if he continues to improve.   He has an advanced, patient approach and is a middle of the order bat.  He needs some work on breaking balls, but the batspeed is above average and his power potential is above average.  La Force will be a quality LH bat for a mid level D1 and easy AZ Juco guy.  PW Rating - 2*

2013-11-04T06:00:00+00:00 http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/las-vegas-college-prospects-top-10.html
SportStars Magazine, Scout It Out Loud http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/sportstars-magazine-scout-it-out-loud.html Last year SportStars Magazine and Bay Area World Series got together on a partnership, with SportStars becoming the official media partner of BAWS.  That relationship will continue this season.  With that, I write columns for both the on-line version of the magazine and the print version that is distributed all over the Bay Area and Northern California.  The first article is up, on-line and it details the plan for BAWS events this summer. 

Here is a copy of that article...

By BLAINE CLEMMENS | Special to SportStars

Last spring SportStars became the official media partner of Bay Area World Series (BAWS) and that relationship will continue in 2013. 


Starting in 2004, BAWS is the longest running and most successful showcase-focused organization in Northern California. This summer, BAWS will be held at its traditional home, Schott Stadium on the campus of Santa Clara University, June 21-23. BAWS 2013 will focus mainly on the region’s top 2014 graduates (current juniors). This season Spalding has come on board as the title sponsor of BAWS. There are some exciting new aspects of the Spalding/BAWS partnership!  



A second major BAWS event will debut later in the summer, BAWS Underclass.  BAWS Underclass will take place at beautiful Baggett Stadium on the campus of Cal Poly in scenic San Luis Obispo, July 19-21. Cal Poly was actually the host of BAWS 2012 due to Schott Stadium field renovations. The venue, the weather, the city, and the cooperation of the Cal Poly coaching staff was outstanding, leading to BAWS Underclass which will feature 144 current freshmen and sophomores.


BAWS has been a staple of the recruiting/scouting circuit for college coaches since 2004, and along with having many of the region’s top juniors in attendance there has always been a good representation of talented sophomores too. However, a good showcase featuring underclassmen has been lacking and that is why it is time for BAWS Underclass. More than ever, college coaches are on the lookout for early information about up and coming players. Yes, even as young as freshmen.


Last year BAWS was won by the Contra Costa team, as they defeated the North Bay 11-9 in a very offensive championship game. The big blow came off the bat of De La Salle’s outstanding two-sport athlete, Austin Lonestar, who clubbed a grand slam to put the game out of reach. As of this writing, Lonestar is still uncommitted and plans to play college baseball.  


Lonestar earned the Spalding BAWS MVP Award for his championship game performance. Other award winners: Dominic Miroglio (2013) of Bishop O’Dowd won the Brett Jackson Award for Most Outstanding Player; Ben Hughes (2014) of Valley Christian-San Jose won the Bryan Shaw Award for Most Outstanding Pitcher; Marcus Wise (2013) of Deer Valley-Antioch won the Spalding Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award; and Cole Duerr of Fremont-Sunnyvale earned the Bay Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes Most Inspirational Player Award.


Some previous BAWS participants who signed with D1 programs last fall:

Player, school College
Chris Baker, St. Francis-Mtn. View Washington
Stevie Berman, Saratoga Santa Clara
Connor Brogdon, Liberty-Madera Fresno State
Justin Calomeni, Bellarmine Prep-San Jose Cal Poly
Michael Echavia, Amador Valley-Pleasanton Hawaii
Kevin Flemer, St. Mary's-Berkeley Oregon State
Kevin George, Casa Grande-Petaluma Santa Clara
Daniel Jackson, Amador Valley-Pleasanton Long Beach State
Jack Klein, St. Ignatius-SF Stanford
Alex Martinez, James Logan-Union City Cal
Steven McLean, Los Altos Baylor
Dominic Miroglio, Bishop O'Dowd-Oakland UCLA
Paul Murray, Serra-San Mateo Western Kentucky
Blake Peters, Serra-San Mateo UC Davis
Kort Peterson, St. Francis-Mtn. View UCLA
Marco Pierce, Clovis West-Fresno Oregon
Orlando Razo, Serra-San Mateo UC Davis
John Riley, Willow Glen-San Jose Cal
Boston Romero, Rodriguez-Fairfield Sacramento State
Carlos Salaazar, Kerman Fresno State
Jason Seever, Castro Valley Santa Clara
Trent Shelton, Campolindo-Moraga Oregon State
Brett Stephens, Campolindo-Moraga UCLA
Zach Stone, Eureka UC Davis
Michael Strem, St. Francis-Mtn. View Boston College
Robbie Tenerowicz, Campolindo-Moraga Cal


2013-11-04T01:17:00+00:00 http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/sportstars-magazine-scout-it-out-loud.html
Local Players in ESPN Top 100 Prospects http://www.9county9.com/player-reports/professional/local-players-in-espn-top-100-prospects.html Each new season now brings an abundance of top prospect lists and the one that gets the most public attention is compiled by ESPN draft analyst Keith Law.  Having been part of a company that publishes public rankings, I can tell you that it is impossible to make everyone happy when it comes to a ranking.  Law puts in the time and has an opinion and that makes his rankings worth checking out.  Here is a link to his Top 100 Prospects of 2013 ranking, but you have to be an ESPN "insider" to access it.

The list includes four players with local ties, including three pitchers who are from Bay Area high schools and two players who played at one of our local universities, both of which are in the West Coast Conference.

Former USF right-hander Kyle Zimmer checks in at #27 overall.  Zimmer wasselected fifth overall by the Royals in the 2012 draft and he had a really nice first professional season.  He is on the fast track to Kansas City and I would expect to see him reach the big leagues during the 2014 season.

Former Alhambra High right-hander Robert Stephenson is ranked #48.  Stephenson was a selected by the Reds in the first round of the 2011 draft.  His former summer baseball teammate Joe Ross is ranked #88.  Ross, a right-hander, was also selected in the first round in that same 2011 draft, by the Padres.  Both Ross and Stephenson are likely looking at 2015 for their potential big league debuts, though it is conceivable that Stephenson could reach Cincinnati toward the end of 2014.  Ross is the younger brother of Oakland A's right-hander Tyson Ross.

The fourth local player on the list is former Livermore High and Santa Clara University right-hander J.R. Graham, who checks in at #94.  Graham was a good two-way player in high school (shortstop) and he also competed as a two-way player at Santa Clara.  However, it was his raw arm strength that got him first drafted by the A's out of high school and then eventually drafted and signed by the Braves in the fourth round of the 2011 draft. 

Graham participated at Bay Area World Series 2007 and both Ross and Stephenson participated in the event in 2009 when BAWS had merged with another organization for a two year period. 

Here are Law's scouting reports for each of these players...

Kyle Zimmer -

The University of San Francisco product was the biggest "pop-up guy" in last year's draft -- meaning he shot quickly up draft boards -- showing a 94-98 mph fastball in a short start on the college season's first day and never really letting up until a hamstring injury slowed him later in the spring.

A converted position player who has a shockingly clean and simple delivery, Zimmer will pitch more at 92-96 every fifth day, with a 79-82 mph curveball that will flash plus and that he can throw for strikes, along with a hard changeup at 83-85 that he'll use to left- and right-handed hitters. I've seen him struggle a little with his release point, but his arm swing is clean and he lands online to the plate, both positives for command and control over the long term. Zimmer's season ended a little early as he had surgery to remove bone chips in his elbow, with no structural damage to the ligament, and he should be good to go for spring training.

I've heard Zimmer compared to some of the best right-handers in the majors, including Justin Verlander, and he's got the best chance of any pitcher in the Royals' system to be the ace they've been seeking for years.

Robert Stephenson -

Stephenson had some of the best pure arm strength in the 2011 draft class, but his secondary stuff wasn't as advanced as the Dylan Bundy/Archie Bradley class of arms, and he had more violence in the delivery that raised questions about whether he'd throw strikes.

He started to answer those doubts with a strong 2012 showing around some Jekyll-and-Hyde performances in the middle. As a prep kid, Stephenson threw five or six different pitches and relied on a splitter -- which most high school hitters can't sniff -- as an out pitch. The Reds have simplified his approach, so now he's fastball-curve-changeup, still 93-98 and now at least flashing a plus curveball with tight rotation, although it's not consistent, while the changeup is still a work in progress.

He has some head violence in his delivery, but overall repeats everything well enough to throw strikes. He could end up a Grant Balfour-like arm out of the pen, if the secondary stuff doesn't come along, but he's shown so much progress that the Reds have likely found buried treasure here and a potential No. 1 or 2 starter.

Joe Ross -

Ross generated a ton of buzz in spring training when he was hitting 97 mph with that same, easy delivery he showed the previous spring and fall in his draft year.

After a so-so April, shoulder tendinitis struck in early May and the Padres were very cautious with him, shutting him down for two months and bringing him back slowly -- probably a wise move, but leaving Ross with a lost year development-wise.

When he's healthy, he'll pitch at 90-95 mph, getting on top of the ball well from a three-quarters arm slot. His changeup is already an average pitch and projects as above-average to plus, while his hard slurve was making good progress and could have used the 200 or so reps he missed while injured. Ross is very athletic with a far, far cleaner delivery than his brother Tyson has, and I like him as a breakout candidate this year if he can get 120 or so innings in without further arm trouble.

Prior to that DL stint I had him as a future No. 2 starter, and that's still his upside if the shoulder doesn't bark a second time.

J.R. Graham -

Graham threw up to 100 mph as a starter for Santa Clara and still works at 94-98 going every fifth day, getting good plane on the pitch despite his 6-foot frame so that he generates a ton of ground balls, with a ground out/air out ratio above 2.0 across at both levels where he pitched in 2012.

He pairs the fastball with an above-average-to-plus curveball that's ahead of his changeup, although he only showed modest platoon splits in the minors last year, with the change probably a solid-average third weapon for him in the end. Although he's on the short side for a starter, he's well-built for his height with plenty of core strength to let him hold his velocity and be able to handle 180-200 innings in a full season when he gets to the majors.

If he has to return to the pen, he'd probably pitch with an 80-grade fastball and a swing-and-miss curveball, but a starter who can get ground balls and throw strikes, a la Tim Hudson, is far more valuable.

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FCA Coaches Challenge http://www.9county9.com/general/fca-coaches-challenge.html The FCA Coaches Challenge will be held on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend 2013 at the San Jose State Football Conference Room.

The FCA Coaches Challenge is a coach’s conference designed to elevate and equip coaches who want to capture the heart of their athletes and impart more of their faith into coaching.  Dr. Jeff Duke who coached under legendary football coach Bobby Bowden, will be the Key Note Speaker and equip coaches with the Three Dimensional Pyramid of Coaching Success. You will be inspired to be a Three Dimensional leader and capture the heart of your athletes.  We believe this weekend will equip you with practical tools on how to leave a lasting impact into the lives of the athletes you lead that will transcend the wins and losses.

Dr. Jeff Duke’s is a leadership expert whose Three Dimensional Pyramid of Coaching Success is revolutionizing the coaching landscape. Coaches are discovering a unique approach that produces ultimate athletic performances.  Dr. Duke’s coaching experience encompasses the youth levels to professional ranks with a wide array of knowledge in a variety of sports.  We invite you to join us at the FCA Coaches Challenge and connect with other coaches through fun and engaging fellowship and learn from one of the best leadership experts on coaching.


Attendees MUST be Pre-registered in order to participate in this coaches conference.


Please help us spread the word and pass this email on to other coaches who you think

would be interested or benefit from this event.






Rigo Lopez
Bay Area Representative
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
408-300-0744 office

2013-01-19T01:18:28+00:00 http://www.9county9.com/general/fca-coaches-challenge.html
High school players & social media http://www.9county9.com/high-school/high-school-players-social-media.html Today I was researching the correct spelling of a player's last name before sending him an invitation for Bay Area World Series Underclass.  So of course I entered the player's name and his school into a Google search.  The results of the search directed me to this player's Twitter account.  Interesting.

When I was a college coach and a MLB scout, I did what most recruiters and scouts do, I researched players via social media, looking for as much background information as possible regarding the character and off field habits of players.  I searched Facebook, MySpace and had Twitter been as big as it is now, I'd have searched Twitter too.  You would think (ok, maybe hope is a better word) kids these days would be much more aware of how their social media musings can reflect upon them.  Guess what?  They aren't.

Simply put, if you are a player who wants to be recruited or wants to be drafted and you are posting stuff on your Facebook or Twitter account that reflects negatively on your character or off field habits or social circle you run with, you can and likely will be ELIMINATED from consideration by recruiters and scouts.  Yes, it's a fact.  I eliminated players based on the poor choice of an email address handle, based on what I found on Facebook pages, based on conversations with a high school coach about practice habits.  Someday you will want a job and you will apply for one.  An employer will check your background. 

Read that again if you are a player.  If you are a parent reading this, then I suggest you become MUCH more aware of any social media accounts your son or daughter might have and what they are posting and who they are linked to (yes, that matters too).  You work hard for your kids.  They likely are working hard in the classroom and in the weight room and on the practice fields.  However, all that work can and will be undermined by their social media habits.

When I found the player's Twitter account today, the most recent post was just the type that would raise a red flag if I was a recruiter or scout.  Then I scrolled his tweet history and found A LOT more disturbing posts, the types of postings that would eliminate him from a recruiter's radar. 

I will not throw this kid under the bus and tell you his name or what he posted.  I just hope someone helps him figure out that he is well on the way to ruining his chances of playing major college baseball (I have no idea yet if he is that good) if he keeps up the type of Twitter activity he has displayed to this point.

I am not suggesting this player or ANY young player who makes poor social media choices is a bad person, not at all.  Clearly kids do foolish things (and doing foolish things is not a market cornered by only young people).  I did foolish things as a high school kid that could have limited the interest recruiters would have had in me.  However, I was a high school kid from 1987-1991 and social media did not exist. 

Players, it's true, as your parents and coaches have told you, you never know who is watching, who is listening, who is paying attention to you.  If the guy who runs Bay Area World Series is looking for information about you, I think you can safely assume a Pac-12 recruiting coordinator is looking a little deeper and a little harder. 

Make better choices. 

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Uncommitted 2013 grads http://www.9county9.com/high-school/uncommitted-2013-grads.html Now that the early signing period for National Letter of Intent has passed, here are the names of some talented players who DID NOT commit or sign in the early period, to my knowledge... As always, these are not the ONLY good players who remain uncommitted, they are just many that I have seen and think need to be on the radar for college programs...

INF/P Lucas Erceg - Westmont HS

INF Mason Melin - Monte Vista HS

CF Marcus Wise - Deer Valley HS

OF Draco Roberts - Dougherty Valley HS

OF Austin Lonestar - De La Salle HS

MIF Jesse Medrano - Clayton Valley HS

IF/OF Scotty Akrop - Soquel HS

INF Michael Angulo - Fremont HS

C Ray Bartolomucci - De La Salle HS

C Bryan Bucher - Aptos HS

RHP  Anthony Bender - Casa Grande HS

RHP Ryan Bohnet - Benicia HS

INF Daniel DeFazio - California HS

INF Ryan Hooper - Campolindo HS

1B Tyler Hall - Benicia HS

C Jimmy Hill - Monterey HS

C Dylan Isquirdo - Foothill HS (Pleasanton)

RHP Cole Lang - Homestead HS

RHP/SS Logan Lanza - Rodriquez HS

RHP Andrew Merken - Acalanes HS

IF/OF Ryan Morris - Dublin HS

RHP Sam Nathan - Amador Valley HS

LHP Ryan Stevenson - Sonora HS

C Jacob Tonascia - San Benito HS

RHP Tyler Vistalli - Deer Valley HS

I saw all of these players at BAWS 2012 and some of them I have seen quite a few other times.  Each one of them, in my opinion, is recruitable somewhere at the D1 level, whether that is locally, regionally, or nationally, somewhere.  It doesn't mean I think they are Pac-12 caliber talents but they all bring something to the table.

Know of other kids you think should be known?  Email me at BayAreaWS@yahoo.com and let me know.  In June 2013 at Bay Area World Series I will have some of these seniors there.  If you know of or are a senior who has either slipped through the cracks or has been steadily improving to the point that maybe you are considerably better than colleges may have seen last summer or fall, then let me know, I'd love to have you at  BAWS and give you that last shot to be seen and maybe get your shot.



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7th Annual FCA Pro & College Basebal Youth Challenge http://www.9county9.com/general/articles/7th-annual-fca-pro-a-college-basebal-youth-challenge.html Hello Parents/Coaches/Teachers/Youth & Community Leaders:


The 7th Annual FCA Pro and College Baseball Youth Challenge will be held on Sunday, November 11th,  2012 from 1pm – 4:30pm at Santa Clara University.


This youth baseball clinic is fashioned for kids ages (6 -14) and will involve an assembly of talented professional baseball players and college student-athletes from various Bay Area universities including: Stanford, Cal, USF, Santa Clara University, Cal State East Bay, San Francisco State and San Jose State. This is a one of a kind experience as pro and college athletes unite to give back and make a difference, while teaching kids baseball and encouraging them to develop into leaders with character.


Professional baseball players from various professional baseball organizations will also be participating.

Continue for more details....


Past, Present, Future Camp Instructors have included-

* Tye Waller, MLB Oakland A's Coach
*Daniel Nava, MLB Boston Red Sox
* Aaron Poreda, MLB/AAA Pittsburgh Pirates
* Tagg Bozied, AAA Philadelphia Phillies
* Stefan Gartrell, AAA Atlanta Braves
* Ryan Lipkin, AAA Oakland A’s
* Chris Minaker, AA Seattle Mariners
* Archie Gilbert, AA Washington Nationals
* Stephen Yarrow, A San Francisco Giants
* Kerry Jenkins, A Arizona Diamondbacks
* Joey August, A New York Mets
* Jonathan Kaskow, A Cincinatti Reds
* Kellen Kiilsgard, A Houston Astros
* Roberto Padilla, A Colorado Rockies
* Anthony Contreras, A San Francisco Giants
* Branden Dewing, A Oakland Athletics
* Nate Trosky, MLB Scout Milwaukee Brewers


A panel of professional and college athletes will be interviewed to wrap up the baseball challenge. Kids will hear how the faith and lives of these role models have been impacted on and off the field!

Prizes will also be given away.


Kids MUST be Pre-registered and turn in a medical waiver form with payment in order to participate in this clinic.


Cost is $25. Scholarships are available to families in need. Sign up quickly as space is limited to first 150 youngsters!


Please help us spread the word and pass this email/flyer on to other parents, coaches, little leagues, teachers, schools, churches, or anyone who you think

would be interested in participating and be a part of this special opportunity!






College Softball Youth Challenge for girls ages 6-14 on Sunday, November 18th.

For more information on this softball clinic, visit- http://bayareafca.org/softballyouthchallenge


We look forward to seeing you in November!


For more information, contact FCA staff-

Rigo Lopez

408-300-0744 office



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Ty Kelly making a name for the O's http://www.9county9.com/professional/mlb-players-teams/ty-kelly-making-a-name-for-the-os.html In 2004 when Bay Area World Series (BAWS) was born, there were some very talented players who stood out and some who quickly made a name for themselves in college eventually in pro ball.  There was Bryan Shaw of Livermore HS (2nd round, D-Backs, current MLB reliever), Brett Jackson of Miramonte HS (1st round, Cubs, current MLB outfielder), Jared Lansford (2nd round, A's) and Matt Long (current Angels prospect) of St. Francis HS, and Tayler Creswell of Deer Valley HS (Giants draft pick).  Those players were pretty obviously among the most talented kids at the inaugural BAWS. 

However, they weren't the ONLY talented players there.  It is fairly easy to spot the players who are the most talented.  Kids who have some tools, who have physically matured a little faster than others, they tend to stick out among their peers.  However, at a high school event with kids who have just completed their sophomore year, haven't even played a varsity game, identifying the "prospects" gets a little more difficult.

That is why I get great enjoyment when I get an email from a player or parent who participated a long time ago, updating me about how a player is faring, either in pro ball or college ball.  Honestly, as much as I love running my event, as much as I love being involved with player and their families and doing anything I can to assist them with their goal of college baseball, I think I get the greatest enjoyment when I get the out of the blue email about a player having success.  I got one of those emails the other day, from the father of Ty Kelly.

Who is Ty Kelly?  Kelly was a player at BAWS I.  He was an infielder, a switch-hitter from St. Mary's HS (Stockton) and he had yet to play varsity baseball when he was invited to BAWS.  I can't take credit for scouting him out either.  His father got in touch with me about his son and other good players from St. Mary's as I was signing players for BAWS.  He convinced me to offer his son a spot, so I did.  Did Kelly stand out at BAWS I?  I dare say no, he didn't.  Was he competitive, was he holding his own even as he was clearly not physically ready yet?  Yes.  So he came back to BAWS II the next year and all of a sudden he looked like a college prospect.  He ended up with a scholarship to UC Davis and has a real nice college career. 

Did I ever think he was going to be a significant professional prospect?  I liked his swing, I liked his game instincts, but no, I didn't think he was a prospect, not based on big tools or anything like that.  What I did know is that Kelly was/is a hard working, no nonsense type of kid.  He was quietly intense, he was a grinder, he was like the classic analogy of a the appearance of a duck... quiet and calm on the top of the water and paddling like crazy underneath the water, which no one can see. 

Kelly was drafted in the 13th round of the 2009 draft, yes, a draft I was part of with the Braves.  I did turn Kelly in as a prospect, but simply as an organizational type of player, a player who could fill a utility role and maybe play a few years.  Kudos to former Orioles area scout James Keller for having a much better feel for Kelly and for getting him a little earlier than I think most of the other area scouts would have wanted him.  Perhaps that is why Keller is now a pro scout for the Birds, he knows the big league game.

It isn't as though Kelly is ready to send Manny Machado to the pine or make J.J. Hardy expendable for the Orioles.  He might not even be a threat to Robert Andino at 2nd base.  However, he is making waves in the organization and he seems likely to finally get to the big leagues in 2013, as a utility player.  He is a switch-hitter, he can play a few defensive positions, he is going to be good in the clubhouse, intense, quiet, a worker, a grinder.  He could even end up similar to a player like Daniel Descalso and eventually earn a bigger role with performance dictating his opportunities.

In 2012 Kelly played at three different levels... here is the blurb about his 2012, that was included in that email I got from his dad the other day, about the Orioles Organizational All-Stars (which included Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy, two of the most recognizable prospect names in all the game)...

Utility -- Ty Kelly, Frederick (76 games), Bowie (46 games), Norfolk (11 games): Kelly ended 2011 with Class A Delmarva. Fast forward 12 months and he blitzed his way through three levels to reach Triple-A Norfolk. The 2009 13th-round pick out of Cal-Davis batted .327 with 11 homers and 70 RBIs in 133 games. He walked more often (79) than he struck out (72) and posted an .892 OPS. His 220 total bases led the system while his average was the highest among all Orioles playing full-time in full-season leagues. Kelly batted .346 at Frederick and would have won the Carolina League batting title if he had enough plate appearances to qualify. Defensively, Kelly saw time at second base, third base and left field.

Congrats Ty!  Hard work pays off, grinding away at a very tough game pays off, keeping your head down and staying the path pays off.  

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Players w/local ties on MLB rosters http://www.9county9.com/professional/mlb-players-teams/players-wlocal-ties-on-mlb-rosters.html I have the White Sox/Indians game on and as Indians' 2B Cord Phelps came to the plate, it got me thinking about how many players with local (defined as from the Northern California scouting territory) ties are on current MLB rosters.  Since we are in September, the rosters are expanded, which has allowed more players to dip their toes into the big league waters.  Oh, if you weren't aware, Phelps went to Stanford, though he is originally from Santa Barbara.

Let's just go team by team, alphabetically (by team city)... I'm going to miss some, so feel free to update me on Twitter @BayAreaWS ... Before you click to read the list, make a guess and see if you are high or low.

Which university has more, Cal or Stanford?  Or is it possibly Nevada-Reno or Fresno State?  Which two high schools have multiple alumni in the bigs?  Which THREE junior colleges have two former players in the show?



RHP Brad Bergesen - Foothill HS (Pleasanton)

RHP David Hernandez - Elk Grove HS & Cosumnes River College

RHP Bryan Shaw - Livermore HS

C Konrad Schmidt - Petaluma HS & Santa Rosa JC

2B Aaron Hill - Redwood HS (Visalia)


LHP Zach Phillips - Union HS (Galt) & Sacramento City College


2B Dustin Pedroia - Woodland HS

OF Daniel Nava - St. Francis HS, College of San Mateo, & Santa Clara University

Chicago Cubs

OF Brett Jackson - Miramonte HS & Cal-Berkeley


INF Jason Donald - Buchanan HS (Clovis)

INF Cord Phelps - Stanford


LHP Phil Coke - Sonora HS & San Joaquin Delta College

OF Brennan Boesch - Cal-Berkeley


RHP Bud Norris - San Marin HS (Novato)

C Jason Castro - Castro Valley HS & Stanford

INF Jed Lowrie - Stanford

1B Brett Wallace - Justin-Siena HS

Kansas City

RHP Jeremy Guthrie - Stanford

Los Angeles Angels

RHP Barry Enright - St. Mary's HS (Stockton)

RHP Kevin Jepsen - Bishop Manogue HS (Reno)

C John Hester - Stanford


OF Scott Cousins - North Valleys HS (Reno) & USF


LHP Manny Parra - Casa Roble HS (Orangevale) & American River College

OF Logan Schafer - Los Gatos HS


LHP Tyler Robertson - Bella Vista HS

New York Yankees

LHP CC Sabathia - Vallejo HS

INF Casey McGehee - Soquel HS & Fresno State

OF Chris Dickerson - Nevada-Reno


RHP Ryan Cook - Clovis HS

RHP Tyson Ross - Bishop O'Dowd HS & Cal-Berkeley

OF Jonny Gomes - Casa Grande HS (Petaluma) & Santa Rosa JC


C Steve LeRud - Galena HS (Reno)

INF Kevin Frandsen - Bellarmine Prep & San Jose State

SS Jimmy Rollins - Encinal HS

OF John Mayberry, Jr. - Stanford

OF Nate Schierholtz - San Ramon Valley HS (Danville) & Chabot College


RHP Kevin Correia - Cal Poly

RHP Chad Qualls - Nevada-Reno

LHP Justin Wilson - Buchanan HS (Clovis) & Fresno State

St. Louis

RHP Kyle Lohse - Union HS (Hamilton City) & Butte College

INF Daniel Descalso - St. Francis HS & UC Davis

OF Allen Craig - Cal-Berkeley

San Diego

C John Baker - De La Salle HS & Cal-Berkeley

OF Will Venable - San Rafael HS

San Francisco

SS Brandon Crawford - Foothill HS (Pleasanton)

Xavier Nady - Salinas HS & Cal-Berkeley


OF Eric Thames - Bellarmine Prep

Tampa Bay

LHP Jake McGee - Reed HS (Sparks, NV)

LHP J.P. Howell - Jesuit HS

C Chris Gimenez - Gilroy HS & Nevada-Reno

OF Sam Fuld - Stanford


RHP Scott Feldman - Burlingame HS & College of San Mateo

RHP Tanner Scheppers - Fresno State


RHP Brandon Morrow - Rancho Cotate HS & Cal-Berkeley


RHP Ryan Mattheus - Galt HS & Sacramento City College

RHP Drew Storen - Stanford

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Leukemia Fundraiser for Pioneer HS student-athlete http://www.9county9.com/general/articles/leukemia-fundraiser-for-pioneer-hs-student-athlete.html I received this email from the father of a player who attended BAWS last June.  If you are in the South Bay area and like pizza, take some time and help out a family.


Hi Blaine,

I am writing to practically everyone I know in the baseball community to help spread the word about a fundraiser that is being held for Chris Bush, who is a student athlete at Pioneer High School in San Jose. Please consider forwarding on this message to anyone that you know that may be able to help the Bush family with the steep medical expenses they are facing. We are also looking for items for the raffle and auction that will be held. Below is the facebook page and flyer for the event.



Description: https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/331395_3711492951103_221805880_o.jpg

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Prospect Wire Las Vegas Showcase http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/prospect-wire-las-vegas-showcase.html I was at the Prospect Wire showcase in Las Vegas this weekend and here are some links to some performances from some outstanding Northern California players, including Deer Valley HS CF Marcus Wise (2013), Monte Vista HS C Lucas Halstead (2014) and Enterprise HS INF Kaelan Crisosto (2014).  Deer Valley HS RHP Tyler Vistalli was also there and was a standout as well.  In fact, all four of these players were rated in the top 10 of the event. 

Here are the reports about three of those players, after their defensive workouts...

Here were the top 5 performers during I/O in no particular order:

1.  Lucas Halstead, 2014, C - Showed a plus arm during throw downs to 2B.  Showed a fairly quick transfer as a new catcher.  Already showing signs of having standout defensive skills behind the plate.

3.  Marcus Wise, 2013, CF - Graceful actions in CF.  Made a great play over the shoulder catch on a poorly hit fungo!  Accurate throws, above average range.  Plays with tempo and feel in the OF.

5. Kaelan Crisosto, 2014, MIF - Has athleticism that he transfers very well to the baseball field.  Not the strongest arm, but he has some carry to it.  Also shows a quick release.  Seems to have a good internal clock.

Crisosto and Halstead also earned praise from their BP sessions...

Kaelan Crisosto, 2014, MIF - Easy, fluid swing.  Line drives.  Can handle wood.  Projectable body with projectable power.  Easy line drive swing.

Lucas Halstead, 2014, C - Has a chance for plus power.  Great batspeed.  Has strength to handle a wood bat now.  Drives the baseball (when his body stays behind the ball)

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Uncommitted 2013 Grads - Catchers http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/uncommitted-2013-grads.html Now is a time of year when many of the very best rising seniors have given their verbal commitments, while other very good and steadily improving players are still waiting for their shot to be recruited.  The D1 coaches are at the Area Code Games this week, looking to lock up the last few uncommitted players at that event and there will be a battle for those players.  Numerous schools will compete for the same players and yet, only one school will get each player.  That will leave opportunities for others who may not have been recruited as aggressively yet.

Players who competed at showcase events like Bay Area World Series earlier in the summer, or have been playing with competitive travel ball teams at tournaments all summer, they have been seen and noted but their time to be recruited should be coming.  Many of those kids will head to Arizona in October, for the Arizona Senior Fall Classic and from there many will get their opportunity.

So if you are a player who doesn't have a bunch of recruiting interest right now, but maybe you did hear from some schools earlier in the summer, stay patient, but be PROACTIVE.  Reach out to your top choices.  For instance, if you are a catcher and you have heard from a school, reconnect with that school.  It might be that that program is hot after a catcher at the Area Code Games, like Dominic Miroglio of O'Dowd, for instance.  Well, Miroglio is getting a lot of interest and only ONE school that needs a 2013 catcher will get him.  That will open up an opportunity for the next group of players on the recruiting lists. 

Speaking of catchers, there are quite a few good ones that are still uncommitted that I think are recruitable by D1 programs... in addition to Dominic Miroglio (Bishop O'Dowd) and Bryan Bucher (Aptos), both of whom are at the Area Code Games, here are some others: Jacob Tonascia (San Benito), Jimmy Hill (Monterey), Ray Bartolomucci (De La Salle), Dylan Isquirdo (Foothill-Pleasanton), and Daniel Jackson (Amador Valley), are those that come to mind.

Like I said, Bucher and Miroglio are at the Area Code Games and simply by being there, they are likely to leave Long Beach with offers in hand.  The next wave of players needs to pay attention to where they commit.  

Get your fingers working and get some emails and tweets and phone calls going to your schools of choice.  Find out which programs will have prospect camps in the fall and winter, especially those you have near the top of your choice list.  Good luck!

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2012 preseason all-NoCal D1 team, how did I do? http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/2012-preseason-all-nocal-d1-team-how-did-i-do.html Here is the link to that post from last spring... ok, take a look... good, you're back, let's review.

Catcher Chadd Krist (Sr) Cal / 2012: .294, 4 HR, 19 2B, 36 RBI, .983 fld%

- I think he earned his spot.  Was also drafted and signed in 9th round.  Eric Smith of Stanford could be argued for, as could Trent Garrison of Fresno State.  I will stick with Krist.

1st Base Troy Channing (Sr) Saint Mary's / 2012: .349, 10 2B, 2 HR, 21 RBI

- This should have been Ragira or Mitch Delfino of Cal, who both had very strong offensive years. Great AVG for Channing, but where did the power go?  I will go with Delfino as the pick, he hit more than Ragira in the same conference.

2nd Base Tony Renda (Jr) Cal / 2012: .342, 5 HR, 16 2B, 27 RBI, 16 SB, walked more than he K'd

- Yes, nailed this one.  He was also a 2nd round pick.

Shortstop Kenny Diekroeger (Jr) Stanford / 2012: .275, 16 2B, 2 HR, 31 RBI

- Not a great year for Diekroeger.  He has already quadrupuled his homers in pro ball (8). I value the production put up in the Pac-12 but the proper pick here was Mike Miller of Cal Poly, with a case for Derrick Chung of Sacramento State.

3rd Base Patrick Wisdom (Jr) Saint Mary's / 2012: .262, 10 2B, 9 HR, 24 RBI

- Though Wisdom was a high draft pick, he didn't have a great year, mostly due to injury.  Piscotty is the right pick.  Paul Politi of UC Davis also had a very good year as a 3B.

Left Field Aaron Judge (So) Fresno State / 2012: .308, 14 2B, 2 3B, 4 HR, 27 RBI, 13 SB

- Didn't see the big power from Judge, but all told, a solid year.  However, out of nowhere came Rhys Hoskins of Sacramento state, with a MONSTER year and he was the best LF in the area, for production. He is the right pick.

Center Field Brian Ragira (So) Stanford / 2012: .329, 5 HR, 15 2B, 50 RBI, .993 fld%

- Got him right because he performed real well, but at the wrong position, he keeps playing 1B at Stanford and is doing a GREAT job.  The right pick here is Mitch Haniger of Cal Poly, who put up BIG power numbers. 

Right Field Austin Wilson (So) Stanford / 2012: .285, 12 2B, 2 3B, 10 HR, 54 RBI

- Good year for Wilson, and though Brooks Klein of Nevada had a GREAT year, I'll stick with the production from Wilson in the Pac-12, where he faced much better pitching.  Put him in the WAC and his stats go WAY up.

Designated Hitter Stephen Piscotty (Jr) Stanford / 2012: .329, 13 2B, 3 3B, 5 HR, 56 RBI, also pitched well.

- Good pick here, but should have put him as the primary 3B.  He did play LF too, so a UTL spot was appropriate.  Will go with Brian Ragira of Stanford here, with a strong nod to Brooks Klein of Nevada.

Starting Pitchers

Mark Appel (Jr) Stanford / 2012: 10-2, 2.56 ERA - Um, yes, got this one right. #8 overall pick.

Kyle Zimmer (Jr) USF / 2012: 5-3, 2.85 ERA, 104 K - Not a lot of wins but he was the right pick, #5 overall pick.

Martin Agosta (Jr) Saint Mary's / 2012: 9-2, 2.18 ERA, 95 K - Great year, 2nd round pick, got him right.

- RHP Braden Shipley of Nevada and Joey Wagman of Cal Poly had a GREAT years, but I chose not to penalize Zimmer for his team not hitting for LONG stretches, which limited his win total.

Reliever Zack Jones (Jr) / 2012: 3-4, 4.50 ERA, 7 SV, 60 K:54 IP - Nice year, but there were better closers, like Taylor Garrison of Fresno State.  He gets the nod, with a case being made for Chase Johnson of Cal Poly.

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Jackson, Petaluma, Storen, Cousins http://www.9county9.com/general/articles/jackson-petaluma-storen-cousins.html Just some general observations, news, etc. on this Sunday, related to our local baseball players.

The biggest news is another local product reaching the big leagues.  Today the Cubs promoted former Miramonte HS and Cal star Brett Jackson.  He started today in centerfield for the Cubs against the Dodgers, hitting in the two-hole.  Jackson burst onto the recruiting scene after his sophomore year at the very first Bay Area World Series back in 2004.

UPDATE: Jackson grounded out to 1st base in his first at-bat (hough umps ALL missed the very obvious fact that the ball went off Jackson's shin then foot first), he walked then was forced at 2nd base, and in his third at-bat he stroked a clean single into right field for his first MLB knock!

For those who follow the Little League World Series, the Bay Area has a team that has a chance to advance to Williamsport.  Petaluma National has advanced in the Western regional down in San Bernardino.  So far Petaluma National is 2-0, with wins over Hawaii and Arizona.  They will play Southern California on Monday, followed by Nevada on Tuesday.  The top four seeds advance to the regional semi-finals, which start on Friday.  

In other news, the Nationals/Marlins game on Sunday had some news and notes of local interest.  Former Stanford closer Drew Storen got the save in the 4-1 Nationals win, it was his first save of the season after he missed most of the season due to having some bone chips removed from his right elbow.  The Nationals main closer this year has been Tyler Clippard but he had pitched the last three days so Storen got his shot and at some point I think the Nationals want to get him back in the role as their primary closer.  He did save 43 games last year. 

Also in that game, former USF (and North Valleys HS in Reno) star Scott Cousins went 2-4, including a double of Nationals' starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg.  As the Marlins have held somewhat of a firesale, Cousins figures to get a pretty significant amount of playing time. 

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BA 2013 draft preview, local perspective http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/ba-2013-draft-preview-local-perspective.html Baseball America has posted a listing of their top 50 prospects for the 2013 MLB Draft.  Of course that is a long way off and a list like that will be quite fluid, with additions and subtractions, based on performance, injuries, newly discovered players, etc. 

We know that Stanford was well represented in the 2012 draft and guess what, it appears that the Cardinal will again be well represented in 2013.  Last year RHP Mark Appel and 3B/OF Stephen Piscotty were selected in the 1st round, Piscotty signed and Appel did not. LHP Brett Mooneyham was a 3rd rounder, SS Kenny Diekroeger was a 4th rounder,OF Jake Stewart was a 9th rounder, C Eric Smith was an 18th rounder, and OF Tyler Gaffney was a 24th rounder.  That is seven Stanford player drafted last year.

The Baseball America top 50 for 2013 has four Stanford players listed.  Appel is listed at #1, OF Austin Wilson at #13, RHP A.J. Vanegas at #30, and 1B Brian Ragira at #38.  Those rankings suggest Appel, Wilson, and Vanegas all will be 1st round selections and Ragira a supplemental 1st round selection. 

Other local/regional players in that ranking includ Fresno State OF Aaron Judge at #12 and Elk Grove HS 1B Ryan Tellez at #19.  

There are some other very talented local/regional players that could sneak into that group.  Someone from this group of high school players certainly could emerge; Tracy HS LHP Jonah Wesley, James Logan HS OF Amalani Fukofuka, Kerman HS RHP Carlos Salazar, Franklin HS 1B Tyler Blake, Davis HS RHP Trevin Haseltine, Head-Royce RHP Steven Farinaro, and Serra HS OF Jordan Parouback .  Some of those names might not be known very well or might be a surprise name, but all those players are very talented.

From the college ranks (there are other colleges/universities here other than Stanford).  Last year seven Cal Bears were drafted, with 2B Tony Renda going highest, in the 2nd round.  I don't have the sense that any Cal Bears will be top 50 players, but it wouldn't surprise me if C Andrew Knapp developed into that type of pick, he can really hit and as a switch-hitting catcher, his profile is highly valued.  USF has become a hotbed for upper round pitching and RHP Alex Balog is one of the most talented pitchers in the West.  He will steadily rise up those rankings.

In looking over the rosters of all the D1 programs in the region, there aren't any other players I feel that strongly about to suggest they could rocket up into high round draft consideration.  MAYBE USF LHP Jordan Haseltine, who has a great arm, big body, and of course, USF has produced some major LHP talent over the years.


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BAWS 2012 - My favorite players to watch http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/baws-2012-my-favorite-players-to-watch.html BAWS 2012 has come and gone and it was a great event.  I always look at the event in two ways, as an organizer/director but also as a scout.  For this post I want to highlight some of the players, the players I most enjoyed watching, for one reason or another.  All scouts are drawn to talented players, those with physical gifts and tools, but we are also drawn to some players for our own specific reasons.  Maybe it is a style of play, maybe it is just a hunch that there are bigger things down the road for a player, etc.  These players caught my eye while I was also running the event...  Again, it doesn't mean I thought these were the BEST players or the only players worthy of mention.  We all have our favorite players, right? Read on...

C Jackson Thoreson - Bellarmine Prep 2014 - this young man is a strong lefthanded hitter and approaches the game like a young professional. 

SS Steven McLean - Los Altos HS 2013 - he is a good defender, swings bat well, seems to have a knack for making the right play at the right time.  He is a bit undersized but his game can play pretty big.

INF Lucas Erceg - Westmont HS 2013 - I happen to think he is one of the premier high school hitters in Northern CA and LOVE his game savvy, awareness, instincts and the way he approaches the game.  He's also fun to watch pitch.  His swing is beautiful and he does it so easily.

3B/P Tyler Deason - St. Francis HS 2014 - My gut says there are BIG things in store for him in the future, particularly with the bat.  He has a chance to be a legitimate power hitter at the college and eventually the professional level.  Each time up I felt like he had a chance to do some damage with the bat and those players are fun to watch. 

C Dalton Craig - Valley Christian HS 2015 - this young catcher has great things ahead of him, first at the college level and maybe someday beyond.  He already carries himself like he is much older and has standout leadership qualities.  He is also a good player, with good catching abilities and the ability to hit. 

INF McKay France - Clovis HS 2013 - Of all the players at BAWS 2012, for some reason I liked watching France the most.  He is not big, not super fast, not a power hitter, etc but he is a BASEBALL player and he is a winning type player.  If I were still a college coach, I'd make sure to find a way to get this kid to my school.

RHP Keone Cabinian - De La Salle HS 2013 - This RHP has the type of arm action and body type that I have always been drawn to.  He attacked the inner half against left handed hitters, was aggressive and I just think there are very good things ahead for him.

RHP Connor Brogdon - Liberty HS-Madera 2013 - Another young RHP who caught my eye.  He is long and lanky and there is stuff with that projectable body type.  There are good things ahead for Brogdon.  When I see a young pitcher with his body type and easy arm action, along with good stuff, well, it's not hard to like that!

RHP Ben Hughes - Valley Christian HS 2014 - Hughes earned Most Outstanding Pitcher of the event and he did it without eye popping stuff.  He "pitched" and commanded the zone, mixed pitches, changed speeds and he clearly has fun when he is competing out there.  If the stuff comes around, the command is already present.

C Jimmy Hill - Monterey HS 2013 - He is a HARD-WORKING young catcher and he can catch, he has some arm strength, some strength with the bat, and there is a presence about him that I like.  He is going to play on winning teams in college and he will make other players around him better.

C Dominic Miroglio - Bishop O'Dowd HS 2013 - Of all the players at BAWS 2012, I think the most entertaining was Miroglio.  He has tools, he has the size, he has some polish and more than all of that, he plays with a SMILE and energy.  He seems like the type who is going to be playing at a high level for 20 more years.  He is also a selfless player and he demonstrated that by switching positions at times and giving an at-bat to another player. 

1B Tyler Hall - Benicia HS 2013 - Each time this young lefthanded hitter stepped in the box I had a feeling he was going to hammer a pitch.  He has that "hitterish" quality that we look for in hitters and by that I mean what I said in the first sentence... he steps in the box and there is a feeling and expectation he is going to hit the ball HARD.  Looking ahead, he is going to emerge as one of the true power hitters from BAWS 2012.

INF Kaelan Crisosto - Enterprise HS 2014 - Crisosto is an athlete playing baseball and though he is already a good ballplayer, he will get BETTER and BETTER.  His agility, his talent, his long and lean body, his bat skills, his glove skills, they are all there.  Look for this 2014 grad to emerge BIG time in the next two years.  I just love to watch athletes playing baseball and those who know how to use their athleticism in the game.

INF Mason Melin - Monte Vista HS 2013 - He is another hitter who is in that "hitterish" category for me.  He sets up at the plate with a calm but confident presence, he has strength, looks the part in the uniform and he was hammering some balls.  Defensively I liked how he moved around and when he was on the field, my eyes were drawn to him.

RHP Blake Peters - Serra HS 2013 - Of all the good pitchers at BAWS 2012, I think Peters has a chance to be the top guy when all said and done.  He has a classic delivery, a good arm, a really good moving fastball and MOUND presence.  Frankly, he reminded me of Ian Kennedy in his pre-pitch set-up while taking his signs.  He is going to throw HARD someday and he will do it with command and movement.  Pitchers who can pitch with the fastball are the pitchers I like to watch.

RHP Tyler Vistalli - Deer Valley HS 2013 - Vistalli is a joy to watch pitch.  He is not a hard thrower yet (touched 84) but he mixed his three pitches better than anyone in the event.  He is willing to throw any pitch in any count, does not give in to hitters and has that swagger on the mound a team loves to play behind.  I'd put this kid on the mound in a big game and expect to win.

SS Jesse Medrano - Clayton Valley HS 2013 - Energy is the key word for Medrano.  He is a good glove man, swings the bat well and runs ok.  All of that is great, but ultimately, he is a WINNER and a great teammate that others love to play with.  He could go 0-4 and still positively affect a game for his team.  He is a vocal infielder and it is GOOD chatter, positive and uplifting for his teammates.  He is another player I think has a winning style about him.

CF Marcus Wise - Deer Valley HS 2013 - This young CF is excitement all over the field.  When a ball went in the air near him it seems that it landed softly in his glove.  At the plate he showed he has bat speed and knows how to use his running speed.  On the bases he looked to run and when he was not on base and there was an opportunity to run for a batter that got walked or hit, he was bursting out of the dugout to run so he could show his speed.  FUN to watch play, that is what Wise is.

OF Ben Polshuk - De La Salle HS 2014 - Polshuk is a long and lean player, with the type of body type that I have always been drawn to.  He is going to grow into his frame in the next few years and when he does, the tools that ARE there will REALLY emerge.  When all said and done, I think Polshuk will emerge as one of the most talented and gifted players from BAWS 2012.  All scouts love to dream on young players and Polshuk is exactly the type we love to dream on.

LHP Matt Ladrech - Campolindo HS 2014 - Ladrech is a classic lefty, with command, craft, and feel of the ball.  He is confident, knows how to pitch, has a really nice delivery and body type.  When he is out there he has the look of a kid who will pitch for 20 years and pitch very well.  He will throw harder in the coming years but for now, when you see him you can put away the radar gun and just enjoy watching him do his thing.

LHP Alex Barden - San Ramon Valley HS 2014 - Barden doesn't light up the gun but he has a long body and he pitched very very effectively.  In fact, I think he got nine up and nine down.  Slippery is a word that comes to mind with Barden.  He doesn't get hit hard, at least he didn't in this particular event, and that means an awful lot.  A young lefty with a good body and the ability to miss the barrel?  Yes, sign me up!

RHP Chris Clements - Pacific Grove HS 2014 - Maybe it's because I wasn't a real hard thrower (84-86) but I do tend to like pitchers like Clements, who is a competitive strike thrower who can mix his pitches.  He has three quality pitches and is very aggressive to the zone.  If and when the harder velocity comes, Clements could really emerge.  Regardless, I ALWAYS like watching pitchers who have feel and are competitive.

CF Josh George - San Benito HS 2014 - George was on at BAWS for one day but he is the type of young CF I really like.  He is a lefthanded hitter, runs well, has a good line drive contact swing, he's a good baserunner, throws well, and simply looks like a kid who knows how to play.  He actually reminds me a lot of former Monterey HS and Santa Clara CF Lucas Herbst.

SS Scott Akrop - Soquel HS 2013 - Akrop fits in the category of an athlete playing baseball.  He is long, lean, and strong and he has good baseball ability with exciting athleticism.  Whether he was at shortstop or in centerfield, he did some good things and at the plate he showed that he projects as a middle of the line-up hitter.  He will fill out in the coming years and I think could really bust out as an impact player at the college level.

RHP Sam Nathan - Amador Valley HS 2013 - Nathan is good.  He can pitch, he has feel, he competes and he has quality stuff that will keep getting better.  Yes, he falls into that undersized righthander category but he is also a bulldog and in some ways he reminds me of former Cal and Clayton Valley HS RHP Matt Gorgen.   Gorgen was a harder thrower with a plus slider but Nathan has some similar mound presence.

C Dylan Isquirdo - Foothill HS 2013 - Isquirdo is like the Chooch Ruiz of the Bay Area high school catchers.  He has a knack for the big hit and seems to always get his hits.  He is a good catcher with leadership skills and he is a solid catch/throw guy.  There is an awful lot to like about Isquirdo.

CF Zachary Crittenden - Dublin HS 2013 - "The Critter" was a favorite of mine because he just seems to have that swagger and confidence that he is going to do something positive each game.  At the plate he showed himself to be a "pest" and that is a big compliment but he is MORE than that.  Not only can he run and steal bases, but he has some buggywhip life in his bat and will occasionally surprise pitchers and go deep.  He can track them down in the outfield too.

CF T.J. Friedl - Foothill HS 2013 - Friedl is a classic speedy lefthanded hitting centerfielder with good bat skills and good outfield skills.  When I first started in the showcase business way back in about 2003, I worked with a friend (former owner of Team One Baseball Jeff Spelman) and Jeff had an affinity for L/L speedy, smallish centerfielders like Friedl.  I tend to also enjoy watching them and they make good college players.

LHP Jason Seever - Castro Valley HS 2013 - Of all the pitchers, Seever is one I think can go a LONG way.  He has an easy, classic delivery and good athleticism on the mound.  He showed a nice fastball and a very nice curveball that will keep him in the game for a long time.  The velocity was ok, in the mid-80s, but he will throw harder and when all is said and done, he has a chance to be an impact lefty at the college level and maybe someday beyond. 

INF/CF Ryan Morris - Dublin HS 2013 - Morris, like Akrop and a few others, is that long and athletic player who has some quick twitch in his body and actions.  He is an athlete playing baseball and in time he will get stronger and more polished and will emerge as a very good college player.  He can throw, has bat speed, can run and has a projectable frame.  This is a good looking baseball playing athlete.

OF Cody Snider - Dougherty Valley HS 2013 - Snider looks like a really good bet to be a hitter at the college level and a GOOD one.  He has bat speed and a quiet approach.  His swing is short and compact and he also is able to generate some power.  I have also seen him as a catcher and a 3B so he is a versatile defender, along with being a good lefthanded hitter.


That's it, those are the players who drew my attention and my eyes at BAWS.  Will all of them be big time college baseball stars?  No.  Did I not mention some kids who WILL be good college player?  Yes.  I simply was drawn to these players for one reason or another.  There will be reports for every player at www.BayAreaWorldSeries.com in the coming weeks, by the end of July.  If you want to know what I thought of ANY player at BAWS 2012, just ask me.

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Bay Area World Series 2012 http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/bay-area-world-series-2012.html Last weekend at Cal Poly we had Bay Area World Series (BAWS) 2012.  This was the first year that Cal Poly (SLO) was the host and it couldn't have been any better.  The weather is spectacular, the scenery is gorgeous, the playing surface is fantastic, the venue is intimate and comfortable, and the city of San Luis Obispo is a wonderful vacation destination.  Safe to say, BAWS 2013 will be back at Cal Poly.

There will be more news and reports here in the coming days and weeks about the players at BAWS 2012.  For now, I wanted to make sure I release the results and the names of the award winners from the weekend.

Contra Costa defeated North Bay 11-9 in a slugfest that featured no fewer than six triples and a grand slam.  The wind was blowing a bit and we used minor league baseballs into the game.  Why does that matter?  Well, they are harder than the high school balls we were using in the other eight games and the seams are smaller.  This was the second BAWS title for Contra Costa (2004).

Here are the major award winners:

BAWS Championship Game MVP - OF Austin Lonestar, De La Salle HS (2013)

SSK Most Outstanding Player - C Dominic Miroglio, Bishop O'Dowd HS (2013)

Spalding Most Outstanding Defensive Player - CF Marcus Wise, Deer Valley HS (2013)

Pocket Radar Most Outstanding Pitcher - RHP Ben Hughes, Valley Christian HS (2014)

Bay Area FCA Most Inspirational Player - C Cole Duerr, Fremont HS (2014)

Home runs were hit by Lonestar (grand slam) and St. Francis 2014 OF Ryan McSwain.  The high velocity was thrown by Kerman HS RHP Carlos Salazar (93 mph).

All-BAWS selections, by team:


RHP Sam Nathan, Amador Valley HS (2013)

C Dylan Isquirdo, Foothill HS (2013)

3B/1B Daniel Slominski, Livermore HS (2014)

SS/P Austin Piscotty, Amador Valley HS (2014)

SS/CF Ryan Morris, Dublin HS (2013)


C Dalton Craig, Valley Christian HS (2015)

MIF McKay France, Clovis HS (2013)

OF Joey Cooper, Mira Monte HS (2014)

1B/RHP Marco Pierce, Clovis West HS (2013)

RHP Ben Hughes, Valley Christian HS (2014)

Contra Costa

RHP Tyler Vistalli, Deer Valley HS (2013)

1B Justin Flatt, De La Salle HS (2013)

SS Jesse Medrano, Clayton Valley HS (2013)

CF Marcus Wise, Deer Valley HS (2013)

INF Ryan Hooper, Campolindo HS (2013)

North Bay

C Dominic Miroglio, Bishop O'Dowd HS (2013)

2B Blake Patrick, Petaluma HS (2013)

SS Boston Romero, Rodriguez HS (2013)

SS Kaelan Crisosto, Enterprise HS (2014)

SS/P Logan Lanza, Rodriguez HS (2013)

South Bay

C Jackson Thoreson, Bellarmine Prep (2014)

CF Corey Olivet, Los Gatos HS (2014)

3B/P Lucas Erceg, Westmont HS (2013)

RHP Cole Lang, Homestead HS (2013)

RHP/UTL Justin Bruce, Willow Glen HS (2013)


C Jacob Tonascia, San Benito HS (2013)

SS Scott Akrop, Soquel HS (2013)

OF Ryan McSwain, St. Francis HS (2014)

INF Ismael Orozco, Archbishop Riordan HS (2012)

LHP Hunter Parkinson, Soquel HS (2014)

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Summer ball: South County Sun Devils vs EJ Warriors http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/summer-ball-south-county-sun-devils-vs-ej-warriors.html Last Saturday I saw the South County Sun Devils in a doubleheader at Ohlone College, as part of the Zoots Tournament.  It was a sweltering day but I got a good look at the SC Sun Devils and also their opponent in game two, the younger EJ Warriors team.  The Sun Devils are a team from up north in the 530 area code, with players from Redding, Red Bluff, Palo Cedro, etc.  They will be in Peoria (AZ) for the USA West 17u Championships and should be seen, especially for any college team looking for infielders.  They have four good ones and a couple of good pitchers I saw.

I was there primarily to see a 2014 grad for SC, infielder Kaelan Crisosto (6'1" 170, R/R).  He didn't disappoint but I was also impressed with a few of his teammates.  Here is what I saw, with some information from the player packet, such as grades...

Kaelan Crisosto (2014, INF, Enterprise HS) - He's not only a very good athlete, but apparently a very good student (3.8 GPA, with college prep and honors courses).  I also found out that he is an outstanding basketball player and that explains some of what I saw in the game.  His body is lean and strong and heading into his junior year he is well on his way to being a body that draws attention on the field.  Crisosto has all-around skills for baseball.  He is going to be a good college hitter, he has good infield hands (good to the backhand too) and instincts, he can steal bases despite not being a plus runner, he is versatile enough to play in the outfield, and he played with nice pace and feel.  He also appeared to be a great teammate, always sitting at the front of the dugout entrance, greeting every player in and out of the dugout, even on a 95 degree day.  As a hitter he has a line drive swing and will develop some power.  For this team he hits lead-off and when he gets on base he goes.  Defensively I saw a quick release and that he has a good clock that allows him to know how much he needs to put on a throw across the diamond.  His throws were accurate, both across the diamond and on his relay throws.  Crisosto has good lateral agility and also showed hops as he leapt to snag a high line drive.  He will have to get faster to be able to make the slow roller plays and high choppers that get past the pitcher.  I like this player, he is going to play major college baseball and I think really develop into a good player, potentially into a professional prospect during his college years.  He will be at BAWS in San Luis Obispo.

Evan Sinclair (2013, MIF, Red Bluff HS) - Sinclair (5'10" 160, R/R) impressed me right away as a defensive player and after two games I was able to appreciate all of his abilities.  He is a good athlete, capable of playing 2B, SS, and in the outfield.  His arm is accurate and his hands are very good.  One play in particular stood out when he was at 2nd base.  There was a ball hit to his left and he was on it very quickly, with a great first step.  Then he had to go into a dive/slide to get to it and the last hop really jumped up on him.  He made a good reactionary adjustment to that hop and though he wasn't able to complete the play, he nearly did and most players would not have gotten a glove on it.  Sinclair ran 4.43 down the line so he has some footspeed that should get a little better.  His jumps on the bases were also good so this is a good athlete who can do some things on the field.  Sinclair is a good baserunner too, with quick reactions and good anticipation of balls in the dirt.  He should be able to steal bases and get extra bags for his team, with his ability to run and his instincts.  A lot of his best contact went to right field and there is some swing length but he showed a consistent ability to get the barrel to the ball.  The player packet showed a 3.46 GPA with 1350 SAT/22 ACT.

Charles Edwards (2013, MIF/P, Anderson HS) - Anderson (5'11" 175, R/R) grew on me during the day.  He pitched game one and though I don't see him pitching past high school, at least not at the four year college level, he competed well (FB topped at 83).  Edwards showed the ability to make adjustments as a hitter and he did it within an at-bat.  He waved at a first pitch CB (obviously not a good idea to be swinging at 1st pitch CBs) and looked bad.  However, he got another one later in the at-bat and kept his hands and weight back and hammered it for a double in the middle of the field.  He isn't a big guy but he has some strength and bat speed.  All day long he was finding the barrel.  Defensively he played well and his arm looked good across the diamond, tracking accurately with carry.  Edwards is a fair runner (4.55 down the line) but he moves around well on the field.  One other thing I observed about him was his energy for the game and how much fun he has.  I was sitting near their dugout and he was chatting between every inning, mixing it up with his teammates, and it was clear his teammates like playing with him and enjoy his personality.  Anderson is a 3.2 student and will retake his SAT in October.  Anderson will be at BAWS.

Justin Allen (2013, MIF/CF, Foothill HS-Palo Cedro) - Allen (5'10" 165, R/R) was a blast to watch and off the field I enjoyed him too.  Like I said, I was near their dugout (actually was on the field seated just outside their dugout) and he came up to me two or three times with questions.  Before the game Coach Crisosto asked me to speak to the team about college baseball, scouting, etc., so Allen wanted to take advantage of having the chance to pick my brain.  Allen played centerfield in game one and moved to the infield in game two.  He showed a good arm and good baseball instincts in centerfield, with good ball tracking skills and nice jumps on the ball.  One play stood out, which was how he played a sinking liner with a runner on first.  He kept it in front of him as he had to pull up on it, controlling the ball well and throwing out the runner at 2nd base who had to wait to see if the ball would be caught.  Allen is built like a 2nd baseman and I think that is where he will end up and he will be a good one.  He plays with tenacity, energy, and toughness.  Allen hits third for this team and though he isn't a big kid, he has some strength and bat speed.  The ball comes off his bat well.  His approach reminded me of a Longoria-type approach, with a narrow set-up and very handsy/wristy swing.  He made good adjustments during the day at the plate too.  Good player and a 3.6 GPA with a 1450 SAT.

Joseph Beck (2013, LHP/1B/OF, Lassen HS) - Beck (6'0" 175, L/L) started game one in right field and came on to close it out.  In game two he played first base.  I liked his defense and intangibles at first base and he showed the ability to handle the bat too, with a nice flat swing and good hands that produced consistent contact.  At first he moved around well and REALLY talks the game and provides leadership, especially with how he handles mistakes on the field and tough situations.  It appears as though he has very good baseball make-up.  All that is great but I liked him best on the mound.  He closed game one with a very nice inning, getting up to 86 mph with some sink on the fastball.  His curveball was 71 mph and is still developing.  Beck has a short quick arm action and I think he is going to be a very effective lefthander with his ability locate the fastball and with the movement he gets.  He's a good baseball player, with a 2.82 GPA and 1250 SAT.

Brandon Erickson (2012, RHP, Foothill HS-Palo Cedro) - If you are a college looking for a late filler to your incoming pitching class this fall, you might want to look into Erickson.  Now, I do not know his grades, but I know he has three quality pitches, was up to 87 mph and shut down a good hitting EJ Warrior team on an extremely hot afternoon.  He has a good delivery, repeated well, located well, changed speeds effectively and was able to throw the change-up right on right well.  His curveball had bite on it was well.  He pitched loose and comfortably and clearly has feel for the craft.  His fastball had good run on it and it is going to get into that 88-91 mph range in the future.

Like I said, I saw a doubleheader and in game two the SC Sun Devils played EJ Warriors, a team of kids from the East Bay (Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, etc.).  Game one was against the Sonoma Rebels but none of their players stood out to me.  I was familiar with most of the EJ team and though they lost and Erickson really handled them well, they have some good players, most of whom will be at BAWS next weekend.  Who did I like?  Glad you asked...

RF Draco Roberts (2013, Dougherty Valley HS, R/R, 6'3" 175) is a GOOD looking player with a strong all-around skill set.  He has a plus arm, runs well and with his bat speed and lanky frame it looks like he is going to develop into a strong middle of the order hitter at the major college level.  He also knows the game and plays with intensity, with the awareness to take advantage of an opponents mistakes.  INF Mason Melin (2013, Monte Vista HS, R/R, 6'2" 200) is a player that immediately draws attention due to his body.  He just LOOKS good and presents himself well on the field.  Melin is a strong and athletic kid and I can see him developing usable power at the college level.  He was in left field this game but from what I know is a fomer SS who now plays third base at the high school level.  The third baseman for EJ was Cody Snider (2013, Dougherty Valley HS, L/R, 5'9" 185) and he is a GOOD player who can hit.  Snider has a quick bat, short stroke and has some pop.  He recently moved to third base full time from catcher and also is playing a lot of outfield this summer.  I saw him with a Brewers scout team last fall and liked him quite a bit.  There is no doubt in my mind that he can and will hit.  Another good looking player on this team was SS Sawyer Gieseke (2013, Las Lomas HS, R/R, 5'10" 175).  He has a plus arm, good hands and though he isn't much of a runner, he moves well laterally and showed the ability to make some tough plays, including going up the middle.  He would appear to have some good fielding instincts.  Offensively he has some strength and aggressiveness at the plate. 

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NORCAL SB tournaments http://www.9county9.com/general/articles/norcal-sb-tournaments-v15-481.html NorCal Select Baseball Upcoming Events   

July 4-8
ages - 14U - 16U 4 GAMES GUARANTEED



NorCal AABC State Tournament

July 12-15 Ages 13u Koufax, 14u Koufax, & 16u Mantle

James Logan HS & Irvington HS

3 Games Guaranteed




JULY 12-15 AGES - 16U & 18U


12 teams max per age group


In the month of June alone, we have had over 80 teams participate in our events! Our July schedule is filling up fast... Our 2013 Fall schedule will feature some of the most exciting events on the West Coast!!! Visit our website at - www.norcalsb.com to register for all events. We look forward to having your team participate in NorCal Select Baseball events! 


Gil Manzanares
(510) 552-5450
NorCal Select Baseball
NorCal AABC/CABA Baseball
All World Sports Co-National Director

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Northern Calif. players in 2012 MLB Draft, Day 3 http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/northern-calif-players-in-2012-mlb-draft-day-3-v15-479.html Not all of these players I will list are from the Northern California scouting region (such as Eric Smith) and some are at schools outside of the region (like Abe Ruiz).  Many of our high school players leave the region to attend college somewhere else while other players come from high schools out of the region to attend the outstanding college programs in Northern California. If a player is from the region his high school will be listed.

Day 3 - Rounds 16-40

Round (overall), Team, Position/Player, School(s), College Commitment

(Bold = BAWS/RNWS participant during my time with each event)

16 (501) - White Sox - 1B Abe Ruiz, Arizona State (Pacific Grove HS) - signed

17 (521) - Mariners - RF Isaiah Yates, Clovis East HS - signed

17 (522) - Orioles - RHP Nick Grim, Cal Poly (Salinas HS) - signed

18 (550) - Twins - RHP Will LaMarche, Chabot College (Amador Valley HS)

18 (566) - Dodgers - C Eric Smith, Stanford - signed

18 (571) - Red Sox - OF Shaq Thompson, Grant HS-Sacramento - signed

19 (586) - Pirates - RHP Michael Peterson, St. Francis HS

20 (615) - Padres - RHP Cameron Stewart, Valley Christian HS (Fresno State) - signed

20 (623) - Indians - RHP Nick Pasquale, Diablo Valley College (Antioch HS) - signed

20 (628) - Giants - 3B Mitch Delfino, Cal (Cloverdale HS) - signed

20 (632) - Rays - RHP R.J. Davis, Sacramento State (Florin HS) - signed

21 (639) - Astros - CF Marc Wilk, Chabot College (Washington HS-Fremont) - signed

21 (652) - Reds - LHP Jordan Remer, USF (Piedmont HS) - signed

21 (653) - Indians - 2B Joe Sever, Pepperdine (Bellarmine Prep) - signed

21 (668) - Phillies - RHP Andrew Anderson, Galena HS-NV - signed

23 (702) - Orioles - RHP Gene Escat, Fresno State (Hanford HS) - signed

24 (731) - Mariners - RHP Matt Vedo, UC Santa Barbara (Colusa HS) - signed

24 (736) - Pirates - LF Tyler Gaffney, Stanford - signed

24 (755) - Brewers - C Michael Turay, Cal State Stanislaus (Davis HS) - signed

25 (768) - Rockies - SS Alec Mehrten, Fresno Pacific (Madera HS) - signed

25 (774) - Nationals - RHP Freddy Avis, Menlo School (Stanford)

26 (790) - Twins - LHP Justin Jones, Cal (Oakdale HS)

26 (792) - Orioles - CF Lucas Herbst, Santa Clara (Monterey HS) - signed

27 (824) - Cubs - RHP Tyler Bremer, Baylor (Berkeley HS) - signed

27 (828) - Rockies - RHP Matt Flemer, Cal (St. Mary's HS-Berkeley) - signed

27 (847) - Yankees - OF Danny Oh, Cal - signed

28 (863) - Indians - 3B Joshua Pigg, Franklin HS-Elk Grove

28 (872) - Rays - LHP Dayne Quist, UC Davis (Santa Cruz HS) - signed

28 (875) - Brewers - RHP Martin Viramontes, USC (Bullard HS) - signed

29 (881) - Mariners - C Toby DeMello, Saint Mary's (Roseville HS) - signed

29 (888) - Rockies - 2B Patrick Hutcheson, Fresno State (Exeter Union HS) - signed

30 (925) - Blue Jays - OF Devin Pearson, Carmel HS

31 (948) - Rockies - RHP Shawn Stuart, Long Beach State (Denair HS) - signed

31 (955) - Blue Jays - SS Derrick Chung, Sacramento State - signed

31 (960) - Cardinals - RHP Joey Donofrio, Cal (Los Gatos HS) - signed

32 (973) - Royals - LHP Patrick Conroy, College of Marin (Sir Francis Drake HS) - signed

33 (1025) - Brewers - RHP Austin Hall, BYU (San Ramon Valley HS) - signed

34 (1039) - Athletics - SS Devon Gradford, Downey HS

34 (1042) - Reds - LHP Richard McCaffrey, Santa Barbara City College (St. Francis HS) - signed

34 (1044) - Nationals - 2B Jake Jefferies, Foothill HS-Pleasanton (Cal State Fullerton)

34 (1048) - Giants - LHP Zak Edgington, UC Santa Barbara (Serra HS) - signed

35 (1078) - Giants - RHP Daniel Grazzini, College of San Mateo (De La Salle HS)

36 (1108) - Giants - LHP Clint Terry, College of San Mateo

36 (1109) - Braves - CF Braden Bishop, St. Francis HS (Washington)

37 (1120) - Twins - RHP James Marvel, Campolindo HS (Duke)

37 (1138) - Giants - SS Drew Jackson, Miramonte HS (Stanford)

37 (1139) - Braves - OF Gio Brusa, St. Mary's HS-Stockton (Pacific)

38 (1150) - Twins - C Austin Rei, Campolindo HS (Washington)

38 (1163) - Indians - RHP Joshua Nervis, Sonoma State (Castlemont HS) - signed

39 (1182) - Orioles - C Scott Kalush, UC Davis (Aragon HS) - signed

39 (1188) - Rockies - RHP Justin Dillon, El Dorado HS (Sacramento State)

39 (1189) - Athletics - OF Dalton Blaser, Roseville HS

39 (1200) - Cardinals - RHP Michael Aldrete, San Jose State (Salinas HS) - signed

39 (1203) - Diamondbacks - C Rafael Garcia, Gilroy HS - signed

40 (1223) - Indians - OF Anthony Hawkins, Fresno HS

40 (1226) - Dodgers - OF Patrick Stover, Santa Clara (Rocklin HS) - signed

40 (1228) - Giants - RHP Tyler Ferguson, Clovis West HS (Vanderbilt)

2012-06-07T02:52:17+00:00 http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/northern-calif-players-in-2012-mlb-draft-day-3-v15-479.html
Northern Calif. players in 2012 MLB Draft, Day 2 http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/northern-calif-players-in-2012-mlb-draft-day-2-v15-478.html Not all of these players I will list are from the Northern California scouting region (such as Dylan Baker) and some are at schools outside of the region (like Andrew Aplin).  Many of our high school players leave the region to attend college somewhere else while other players come from high schools out of the region to attend the outstanding college programs in Northern California. If a player is from the region his high school will be listed.

Day 2 - Rounds 2-15

Round (overall), Team, Position/Player, School(s), College Commitment

(Bold = BAWS/RNWS participant during my time with each event)

2 (80) - Nationals - 2B Tony Renda, Cal (Serra HS) - signed

2 (84) - Giants - RHP Martin Agosta, Saint Mary's (Jesuit HS) - signed ($613,000)

3 (111) - Nationals - LHP Brett Mooneyham, Stanford (Buhach Colony HS) - signed ($429,000)

3 (125) - Phillies - SS/3B Zach Green, Jesuit HS (Oregon State) - signed

4 (130) - Twins - RHP Zach Jones, San Jose State (Santa Teresa HS) - signed

4 (133) - Royals - SS Kenny Diekroeger, Stanford (Menlo School) - signed

4 (139) - Athletics - CF B.J. Boyd, Palo Alto HS - signed

5 (159) - Astros - CF Andrew Aplin, Arizona State (Vanden HS) - signed

5 (173) - Indians - RHP Dylan Baker, Western Nevada CC - signed

6 (211) - Red Sox - RHP Justin Haley, Fresno State (Bella Vista HS) - signed

7 (231) - White Sox - C Jose Barraza, Sunnyside HS-Fresno - signed

7 (240) - Cardinals - RHP Kyle Barraclough, Saint Mary's (Wilcox HS) - signed

7 (247) - Yankees - RHP Taylor Garrison, Fresno State - signed

8 (251) - Mariners - 1B Nick Halamandaris, R.L. Stevenson HS (Cal)

8 (266) - Dodgers - RHP Scott Griggs, UCLA (San Ramon Valley HS) - signed ($135,00)

8 (269) - Braves - RHP David Peterson, College of Charleston (Las Lomas HS) - signed

8 (276) - Rangers - RHP Cody Kendall, Fresno State (Clovis East HS) - signed

9 (284) - Cubs - C Chadd Krist, Cal (Petaluma HS) - signed

9 (301) - Red Sox - SS Mike Miller, Cal Poly (De La Salle HS) - signed

9 (304) - Tigers - CF Jake Stewart, Stanford - signed

9 (306) - Rangers - RHP John Niggli, Liberty University (Tulare Union HS) - signed

10 (326) - Dodgers - SS Zach Babbitt, Academy of Art (Albany HS) - signed

10 (333) - Diamondbacks - OF Danny Poma, Hofstra (Monterey HS) - signed

11 (351) - White Sox - RHP Eric Jaffe, UCLA (Bishop O'Dowd HS) - signed

11 (358) - Giants - CF Ryan Tella, Auburn (Irvington HS)

11 (363) - Diamondbacks - RHP Ben Eckels, Davis HS (Howard JC) - signed

13 (406) - Pirates - LHP Tom Harlan, Fresno State (Archbishop Riordan HS) - signed

13 (414) - Nationals - LHP Elliott Waterman, USF (Alhambra HS) - signed

13 (422) - Rays - RHP Dylan Floro, Cal State Fullerton (Buhach Colony HS) - signed

13 (428) - Phillies - CF Steven Golden, San Lorenzo HS - signed ($100,00)

14 (437) - Marlins - C Michael Vaughn, Fresno Pacific - signed

14 (440) - Mets - RHP Chris Flexen, Newark Memorial HS (Arizona State) - signed ($374,400)

15 (462) - Orioles - RHP Derick Velazquez, Merced College (Los Banos HS)

15 (464) - Cubs - C Carlos Escobar, Nevada - signed

15 (465) - Padres - RHP Cory Bostjancic, College of Marin (Sir Francis Drake HS) - signed

15 (467) - Marlins - OF Cody Keefer, UCLA (Davis HS)

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Kyle Zimmer, MUCH more than #5 overall http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/kyle-zimmer-much-more-than-5-overall.html USF Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach Greg Moore is one of the best in the business.  What makes him so special and frankly different than most college baseball coaches and sports coaches in general is his ability to connect with players on a different level that the playing field.  Because Greg himself is unique and full of depth of character, he sees it in others and connects seamlessly with those who also have depth of character and so much more than what most people see.

That led Greg to write a brilliant and heartfelt piece about Kyle Zimmer.  That article can be found at the USF Baseball website and I have linked it here for you to enjoy.  

The term "student-athlete" is one that means something and Kyle Zimmer, #5 pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, is so much more. 

There are likely dozens of kids in the draft each year who have inspiring backgrounds.  Because I know Mark Appel, I would be willing to bet there are wonderful stories that can be told about his depth of character.  Same with Kenny Diekroeger, Tony Renda, and other great young people who just also happen to be very good at playing baseball.

2012-06-05T23:54:39+00:00 http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/kyle-zimmer-much-more-than-5-overall.html
USF, cradle of 1st round pitchers http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/usf-cradle-of-1st-round-pitchers.html Ok, full disclosure here... I coached at USF, I played junior college ball for USF head coach Nino Giarratano, USF pitching coach Greg Moore was in my wedding and I coached him for a year, I consider that coaching staff part of my family and after my time there as a coach and after getting my master's degree there, not to mention meeting the mother of my son there, well, I BLEED USF green and gold.

However, all that aside (really?  I can say "all that aside" and mean it?)... do you know how many college programs have had MORE pitchers drafted in the first round than USF's three since the 2007 draft?  Do you? 

The answer is TWO.  Exactly two college programs have had MORE pitchers drafted in the first round (including the supplemental round) than the University of San Francisco.

Vanderbilt, Stanford, San Francisco, Georgia Tech... look at the names of the schools.  Are you surprised? 

Vanderbilt has had five pitchers drafted in the first round, Stanford has had four while USF and Georgia Tech have had three apiece. 

ASU? UCLA? Texas? Virginia? Oregon? Kentucky? Florida? LSU? Missouri? Miami? Rice? Arizona? Hello?  Noonan?

Those teams all have had at least one and a couple of them have had two pitchers drafted in the first round.  In the case of Arizona, they were both relievers.  

So where is Cal?  Where is Fullerton?  Where is Long Beach State?  Where is Washington?  Where is San Diego?  Where is USC?  Where is Cal Poly?  Not on this list.  However, those schools are on the "wish list" of the top high school pitchers.  Hey high school pitchers, get wise, wake up, consider something other than the name on a jersey or the average everyday temp and all that brings with it.

So why do I write all of this?  It isn't to pick on those other programs.  Rather, it is to show just how good USF is at developing players and pitchers in particular.  So why are the Dons not able to attract big time prospects out of high school? 

The beauty of those three pitchers, Aaron Poreda, Evan Frederickson, Kyle Zimmer, is that NONE of them was even close to being a first round pitching prospect when they started class on the Hilltop.  Poreda was a recruited walk-on.  Frederickson was a cast-off from Virginia Tech.  Zimmer was a 3rd baseman who didn't field well enough early on at USF and was converted to a pitcher (like former 2nd round pick Jesse Foppert).

Ask the Northern California MLB scouts which college program in this area has the best coaches, the best teachers of the game, the best developers of talent.  The STRONG consensus will be the University of San Francisco.  They will sing the praises of Nino Giarratano, Greg Moore, and Troy Nakamura.  Those three collectively might be BEST coaching threesome in the country. 

So my question is to the high school players in California and to the coaches of the travel teams and the top high school programs... why do you not consider USF?  It is a world class university.  The education is fantastic and the degree carries weight in Northern California.  Clearly they know how to develop players and they get more love from the scouts in the area than any other program.  They win with players other schools never consider.  They have a plan.  They are great at what they do. 

Don't tell me about the weather or the facility.  If you could have seen Benedetti Diamond when I was there 2000-2002 you would not even recognize the place now, it's beautiful. 

Which MLB team has had the best pitching staff for the last 3-4 years?  Yes, the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS.  Clearly the weather in San Francisco is NOT A DETRIMENT to having a great pitching staff.  USF's pitchers have had no trouble with the weather.  The weather in San Francisco is a BENEFIT to pitchers. 

If this coaching staff were to leave USF and go to a Pac-12 or ACC or Big West or Big 12 or SEC program, they would be known because they would be in the College World Series every three years. 

They are at USF and are a diamond in the rough and they are okay with that.  They know who they are and what they do.  The players who play there and graduate from from there know.  Those of us who were part of the program know.  The scouts know.  USF is the Tampa Bay Rays of college baseball.

Why don't you know?  Figure it out.

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Northern Calif. players in 2012 MLB draft, 1st round http://www.9county9.com/professional/scouting/northern-calif-players-in-2012-mlb-draft-1st-round.html Not all of these players I will list over the next three days are from the Northern California scouting region (such as Kyle Zimmer) and some are at schools outside of the region.  Many of our high school players leave the region to attend college somewhere else while other players come from high schools out of the region to attend the outstanding college programs in Northern California. If a player is from the region his high school will be listedFor that matter, Appel is actually from the Houston area though he moved here when he was 12 years old.

Round (overall), Team, Position/Player, School(s), College Commitment

(Bold = BAWS/RNWS participant during my time with each event)

1 (5) - Royals - RHP Kyle Zimmer, USF - signed ($3,000,000)

1 (8) - Pirates - RHP Mark Appel, Stanford (Monte Vista HS)

1s (36) - Cardinals - 3B Stephen Piscotty, Stanford (Amador Valley HS) - signed ($1,430,400)

1s (38) - Brewers - OF Mitch Haniger, Cal Poly (Archbishop Mitty HS) - signed ($1,200,00)

1s (52) - Cardinals - 3B Patrick Wisdom, Saint Mary's - signed ($678,790)

1s (56) - Cubs - RHP Paul Blackburn, Heritage HS (Arizona State) - signed ($911,700) 

60 total picks on day one which means 10% of the day one picks came from schools in Northern California. 

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Regional notes... Stanford advances http://www.9county9.com/college/division-1/regional-notes-stanford-advances.html It is a "tired" argument or line of discussion, but I have to make it again.  The West gets a raw deal in terms of how many quality teams are left out of the tournament while the "power" conferences like the ACC and Big 12 get lots and lots in but underperform year after year.  The fact of the matter is that in baseball, those conferences aren't powerful like they are in football and basketball.  Western conferences like the Big West and the WCC, which are not football conferences and are mid-major types in regard to basketball (except for Gonzaga and BYU), they ARE power conferences in baseball.  I would stack up the Big West against either the ACC or Big 12 and believe the WCC would hold it's own against those two conferences as well.

The Pac-12 is the best baseball conference in the nation. More big leaguers come from Southern California than another region in the country and no conference has more Southern California players than the Pac-12... except maybe the Big West.  The WCC is also full of good Southern California high school players, as is the WAC.  Furthermore, Northern California is one of the top 3-4 regions for producing big leaguers and as recently as a couple of years ago, was second only to Southern California in that regard. 

Those who pick their tourney favorites for the NCAA hoops tourney routinely scour the rosters for which teams have the most future NBA players on them and go with those teams.  History has shown that the teams with the most future NBA players do VERY well in that tourney and more of than not, the team with the most and best future NBA players wins the tourney.

Why should it be different in baseball?  The Pac-12 produces big time big leaguers and the Big West has plenty of future big leaguers, as does the WCC. 

It is time to change the perception of which conferences are the power conferences in baseball. 

Arizona will face St. John's in a super-regional and will be favored.  Stanford will travel to play at Florida State and though it will be a challenge, they are the more talented team and have a great shot to win.  Oregon will host Kent State and will be favored.  UCLA will get either TCU or Mississippi and will host, so they will also have a strong shot to advance.  If four of five invited teams from the Pac-12 advance to the College World Series (and ASU didn't get in because they are on probabtion), that speaks quite loudly. 

Ask any of those teams what they think of having to play teams like Long Beach State, Fullerton, Cal Poly, USF, San Diego, Pepperdine, etc in their non-conference midweek games and I think they'd all say those teams are tourney talented teams that prepare them for tough Pac-12 play and for the NCAA tourney.

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CCS D1 Final: Valley Christian vs San Benito http://www.9county9.com/high-school/articles/ccs-d1-final-valley-christian-vs-san-benito.html Last Saturday night I saw the CCS D1 final between Valley Christian and San Benito.  Valley Christian won, 3-1, behind a no-hitter from senior RHP Cameron Stewart.  They scored three runs in the first before San Benito settled down and from then on it was a pretty tight contest.

Stewart is a tall pitcher, around 6'8" I believe.  He was at BAWS 2011 and I want to say he was up to 87 mph in his outing there.  I did not have a radar gun on him in this game but he was solidly in the mid-80s and mixed in a nice breaking ball.  He located at the knees, got a few punchouts but mostly just threw strikes and let his defense work.  The umpire had a pitcher-friendly zone, particularly for low and away breaking balls to right-handed hitters and both teams took advantage of that zone.  Stewart was composed, never got caught up in the moment and seemed very in control of himself.  He is headed to Fresno State in the fall.

Other players I liked in this game were San Benito catcher Jacob Tonascia and their lead-off hitter, centerfielder Josh George.  Tonascia is a big kid with a good arm and presence in the box.  He had the best at-bats against Stewart and made him throw a lot of pitches.  In the first after George reached on an error, he made his way to third base with one out.  Tonascia battled, fouled off some tough pitches, and drove in the run with a ground ball to second base.  It was a great RBI at-bat and approach.  He has a pretty short stroke for a big kid and I have seen his raw power, displayed on a home run at Santa Clara U last year at BAWS 2011.

Tonascia threw some between inning throws to second base in the 2.00 range, one was 2.02 and another was 1.97.  He showed good feel for receiving and worked VERY hard at blocking balls in the dirt all night long.  He seems to have all we are looking for in a backstop, arm strength, work ethic, power with the bat, and soft/strong receiving hands with good receiving technique.

As for George, he runs well (4.29 down the line) and hits from the left side.  He showed a short, flat, line-drive type stroke and I really like the way he ran the bases.  His overall approach and style of play reminded me of former Monterey HS star and current Santa Clara centerfielder Lucas Herbst.  Good player.

For Valley Christian, they have some good young players, in particular sophomore shortstop Bryson Brigman.  He has a lively swing and good approach and should be a safe bet to hit for average and some extra base power at the college level.  He played well at shortstop and as long as he develops a good quick release, he could stay there in college.  I have seen him hit before and that is his calling card at the college level.

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