All Americans Showcase, Menlo College, July 29-20

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

On July 29-30, at Menlo College, All Americans Showcase will come to the Bay Area.  If you are not aware, this is a big deal as All Americans Showcase is sponsored by and partnered with Baseball America.  Here is the announcement of the partnership from the Baseball America website

All Americans Showcase is the only showcase organization that is directly sponsored by Baseball America.  Standout performers, top 10 lists, tools breakdowns, etc. will be found within Baseball America and all the scouting information will go into the exclusive Baseball America scouting database, Prospects Plus.  Video will be taken of every player at All American Showcases as well.  This truly is a very strong opportunity for any player, of any ability level.  The price is right, the people running All American Showcase are experienced and respected and the sponsorship of Baseball America speaks for itself.

Players who participated in BAWS 2011 will be eligible for a discount to the event and they will soon receive an email with that information.  Players with interest can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.  Eligible players are in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 classes.  All Americans Showcase features players swinging BBCOR bats, the bats used at the D1 level.

This past weekend I was in San Bernardino covering the ABCL Top 20 Championships for All Americans Showcase and my reports can be found here, within the Baseball America Blog reports. 


Baseball America Partners With & Sponsors All Americans Showcase

This summer, All Americans Showcase and Amateur Baseball Club League (ABCL) will begin operations, in association with Baseball America as a sponsor of both groups. Mike Spiers of ABD Academy is directing both groups and has brought in two veterans of the West Coast baseball scene in Andy Rojo and Blaine Clemmens.  Rojo formerly coached at Riverside Community College and Long Beach State, and Clemmens coached at the University of San Francisco as well as a two-year run as the Northern California area scout for the Atlanta Braves.

The plan is to run championship-style tournaments in the West, which will be scouted by All Americans Showcase and Baseball America, ensuring that the top players will be seen, evaluated, and written about, with Baseball America gathering information.

Starting in June ABCL will kick off with the California Underclass Championships (June 10-13), followed by Top 20 Championships (June 28-July 3), Underclass Championships (July 16-22), Freshman Championships (Aug. 1-7), the D1 National Championships (Aug. 7-13) and later in the fall at a TBA date, the Fall Championships. Rings will be awarded at the Top 20, Underclass, Freshman, and D1 National Championships. The tournaments will take place in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

The Top 20 Championships already have some of the top club teams in the West committed to participating, including the ABD Bulldogs, San Gabriel Valley Arsenal, So Cal Bombers, San Diego Show, Utah Baseball Academy, Trombly Baseball and ABD Boxers. The specific goal is to have the Top 20 club teams, in a given year, participate.

Scouting reports on the players at All American Showcases will be found within Baseball America's Prospects Plus and the player rankings will be within Baseball America as well. Players that participate in an All Americans Showcase know that their biographical and scouting information is guaranteed to be found in the exclusive Baseball America database for prospects, Prospects Plus. 

The initial showcase calendar for All Americans Showcase is as follows: Honolulu (May 14-15), Northern California (Menlo, July 29-30), Southern California (San Bernardino, fall date TBD), Northwest (Olympia, August date TBD), Midwest (Schaumburg, Ill., Sept. 17-18). Other locations will be announced as they are added.

In years past Baseball America has had to gather a lot of their scouting information from outside groups and from their contacts within the industry. By associating with All Americans Showcase and Amateur Baseball Club League, the scouting information will flow directly to Baseball America.

For contact information on ABCL and All Americans Showcase you can send an email out to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .