More debate between Zuber and I

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

After Jon Zuber sent me his thoughts, differing from mine, I replied to him and then he replied back to me.  He told me the story of his own development and it is a perspective I had NOT considered and it broadened my thinking.  Again, discussion among rational thinking people is the key.  Here is the exchange... first my reply to his email regarding his stance, then his reply back to me, with his personal development history, etc...

BC: It is ok Zub, we don't all share the same opinion and as long as people have reasonable rationale for their stance, that is all I care about. 

But don't your kids, don't players in general enjoy swinging wood all summer and fall?  I think one of the reasons we have more and more international players aside from cost, is that international players don't get to use the equipment American players use and our high school hitters are bad hitters, regardless of getting to enjoy more "success" in high school games. 
You are a hitter, I was a pitcher and we will not agree, which again, is ok, but the game, like most sports, is all geared to the offensive side.
I think there are more arm injuries because of metal bats, I think there are more curveball and slider pitchers in high school and college because they don't throw the fastball and are afraid to because it is too easy to hit with the metal bat.  I think college games take 3:30 because of trying to trick hitters all game.  I think metal bats are bad :-) for so many reasons beyond safety.
Zuber: I agree with all of your comments.  When I was growing up I weighed 97 lbs as a HS freshman.  I would have never had success with a wood bat.  When I left HS I was 137 lbs.  No one would have recruited me without metal bats.  The first time I used woood was after my sophmore year at Cal in Cape Cod.  It was a disaster and made me and scouts realize I wasn't able to play that kind of game.
I will say this once I got stronger and more developed after using a wood bat there is no way I ever wanted hit with metal again.  I loved hitting with wood.  I love it when kids who can hit use wood no doubt. 
I just don't think for the average guy it would work great.  I think pitchers need to throw inside more, I think there is success there with wood or metal.
I think your thoughts and observations are much more thought out than mine.  I love the wood bat, but I know if I had to use wood in HS I would most likely be selling pencils.



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