Vandy pitcher has kneecap shattered

Written by Blaine Clemmens on .

We have focused so much on the issue of Gunnar Sandberg and his injury (by the way, Gunnar is doing MUCH better, has even walked and is responding nonverbally quite well), which many of us are attibuting at least in some part because of metal bats, but there are other instances coming to public consciousness.  Vanderbilt redshirt freshman LHP Corey Williams recently had his kneecap shattered.  The play was captured on video and Vanderbilt has linked it to their baseball website.  The positive side note is that he made a courageous and great play in getting the out after he was struck.  Another positive sidenote is that he had his kneecap shattered and not his skull or face.  Those are sickening words and I wish Corey Williams a very healthy recovery.

Since Stanford has not heard or heeded my call or challenge to put down the wood bats and politely end their metal bat agreement with their vendor (doesn't matter which company it is with), perhaps Vanderbilt would like to accept the challenge?  Afterall, Vanderbilt, while not Stanford, is a great university, a worldclass university, in some respects the Stanford of the Mideast.  However, like Stanford, Vanderbilt is not just a great university, but it is a major athletic program in a power conference and is primarily interested in winning and there is no chance they turn away their bat contract and pick up the wood.  I wonder if they would feel differently if the ball that hit Corey Williams had struck him about four feet higer.

I said it in January, have said it before that and still feel the same way... it is going to take more than Gunnar Sandberg getting hit in the head and nearly dying, it is going to take more than Corey Williams having his knee shattered (how about that x-ray, yikes) for the cry for metal bats to go bye bye to gain real traction, nationally.  If you have read my blogs, you know what I think will have to happen and I pray to God it never does (though it has happened in the past, just not on national TV, which doesn't make it any less horrible).



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